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A day in the life

Written by David Harry   
Sunday, 20 April 2008 12:29

The things I do to get a beer

The other day I had mentioned to a cohort that it had been a while since I added new pics of the family to the personal section of the ol Blog… Now that warm weather has finally arrived here in the Great White North (eh) – yesterday was a great excuse to get out.

For those that don’t know, we left the city life back when our daughter was born some 7 ½ years ago and now live a peaceful small town lifestyle. As you’d expect in Canada, we have a Maple Festival each year that includes street festival activities on the main strip and more on the local maple farm…fun for the whole family!

To give you an idea of the size of our town, there is maybe 20 stores and not a single set of stop lights… a couple of stop signs…and that’s it…. population around 3000...

Take a ride with me

We started off downtown making sure to get our new hats to ensure we aren’t mistaken as tourists… the red neck doesn’t start showing until the mosquitoes get worse… he he…

Thank God I'm a country boy

After a bite to eat and some shopping, it was time to get the kids war paint on.


Which turned out pretty groovy


We then wandered about chatting with locals (everyone knows everyone dontcha know) and then headed to the local maple (sap/syrup) farm….

gee... no black flies..whoopie

...went for a hay ride…(of course..duh)

our local transit system

Then we were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of these strange little forest dwellers…

eeek... get the gun Martha!

And of course, to finish up, what would a trip to the farm be without some pony rides right?

Home, home on the range...

You’d think that would be enough?

Of course not…. After all of this excitement we still had a birthday party for a friend of my daughter to attend…

R U kidding me? sooo tired... zzzzzzz

And it was at this point that I finally was able to break away to my buddies fridge at the birthday party and find the ‘gold’ at the end of my rainbow of a day… yeeeehaaaaaa..... (my son took this pic... lol)

Yeah we're talking!

The kids had a sleep over and the missus and I got back pretty late.... zzzzz.... Today is another wonderful day outside but alas my inbox is calling and my reader is smoking which means a few hours of catching up today.

To that end everyone’s favourite Social Media Mom has graciously asked me to give a few thoughts on her blog about being a Dad in the marketing world… so be sure to get hooked up with her feed and we’ll see you there….

I hope ya’ll have a great weekend as well…


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