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2006 Make over

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 10 August 2006 10:47
So, I have been running around the web, in various forums and the like, with an icon of that wild looking Dave Man. To the point that I have even been asked, “Is that Dog the Bounty Hunter in your Avatar?” Heee-yup. That’s me. I am hunting down all the nasty spammy web garbage to make the world a better place to surf. Here's a look at this years transformation -------

My wife Tanya has been slowly crafting me from a un-tamed creature of self-independence to being down right ‘respec-able’. My make over has been interesting and my kids have adjusted well to not having ‘the Mountain Man of Sourthern Ontario’ around. My little fellow, (4 in Sept.) of course followed suit with a dandy hair cut of his own (see right)

I just figured it was time to set the record straight. I am sure the ‘old’ me was scarier for would be charlatans and web spammers. I still have my bite though. I am in the process of creating a digital illustration from this new pic and should have 'him' in circulation shortly. We soon bid farewell to the brash... for now.

Oh..and I turned 40 back in March..  I can just never make up my mind. Change is good, right?



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