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Critter Update

Written by David Harry   
Sunday, 01 June 2008 16:10

Welcome to the Wild Kingdom

I was taking a few pics of some of my critters the other day and thought to update my ‘Critter Corner’ section.

Kaya – my ball python Kaya has been growing since my last post when he was just a baby. Since then he has grown into a few new sizes of vivarium and is now over 40” long.

Kaya the Ball Python

He is easily the most friendly of my critters and will spend endless hours snuggled up with me watching TV… or when I am on the 'puter - he’s the best! (just have to watch he doesn't eat my mouse - he he)

Latest Additions

Mocha – she is our newest snake and is a Columbian Red Tailed Boa. While only around 18” at this point, she will ultimately end up between 8-12” long… She has a wonderful temperament and ongoing handling should ensure she is always friendly. Of the larger snakes they are known to be the friendliest. I had considered a Rock Python but they have bad attitudes and they had a Bermese Python, but they can exceed 20’ so… maybe not.

Homer – the kids named this little fella after a favourite cartoon character. He is a Golden Skink from South East Asia and is REALLY fast… so I tend not to take him out too often… we’re on the hunt for a female to keep him company…

..and there we have it… Snakes, Spiders, Lizards, cats and dogs… Never a dull moment ;0)


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