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The Trail Is Growing Up

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 17 August 2010 13:05

Welcome the our new format

Over the last five years I have had the great fortune to be able to garner the attention of many folks in the search world writing here on the (Fire Horse) Trail. It has been a blast and allowed me to meet so many great people and eventually evolved into the SEO Training Dojo... a wondrous ride to be sure.

A few years ago I started having some guest posters to help liven up the joint. Because really, who wants to read about patents and geekiness all the time (other than me of course)? Since that time I've had a steady stream of guests and have enjoyed sharing the space.

Which brings me to some great news!

Recently I was thinking about taking that to the next logical step and having some more full-time writers here to expand the offering. So that's exactly what I have done.

With the help of my partner, Terry VanHorne, we have collected some diverse and interesting people in the space that we are going to be having write for us on a regular basis. So let me introduce you to some of the new blood here on the trail;

We have given them their own profiles, so just click on the pic (or name) to learn more about them;

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Does Google & Verizon Framework Agreement Save Net Neutrality?

Written by Terry Van Horne   
Sunday, 15 August 2010 02:59

EEK!... the FCC is in Discussions on Net Neutrality!

Well if anything can result in the end of the Interwebs as we know it be assured it is a definite possibility if the FCC is getting involved! Look at the problems the FCC has with blogger's disguising paid reviews as "unbiased reviews"! We should know we don't want the US "simple servants" deciding anything about the future of the InterWebs. There is a law that they don't/won't enforce and look at the results? Every review I read I have to assume it is tainted with $'s unless they are open and transparent about it either way.\

Google and Verizon

The he said/she said story surrounding NY Times sensationalistic journalism piece "Google and Verizon Near Deal on Web Pay Tiers" about net neutrality shows exactly how whacked things are in the States right now! Sorry to say my brothers to the South are treading where they shouldn't. That said, here in Canada the CRTC were having similar "discussions" regarding Canadian Content requirements and possibly what the "toll" would be (we always pay... one way or da' other) and where it would be placed (who gets the #Dosh) for TV on the Internet Served in Canada.

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SEO Dojo Radio - Local SEO and more!

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 12 August 2010 14:23

This week's edition of SEO Dojo Radio is now up and you just HAVE to go check it out. The first part of the show was the regulars, myself, Terry and Steve. We were talking about a wide variety of goodies including Google's latest social moves, Webmaster Tools updates, Steve's Bitches (including Reverse SEO and the 'do-follow' tag) and much more.

Darren Talks Local SEO

In the second part of the show this week we had Darren Shaw of WhiteSpark sitting in with us to talk about his new local citation tool and just some yakking about local SEO in general. As an added bonus, Darren and Garrett French will be hosting the SEO Dojo chat session (for members only, join today!) which should be a ROCKIN' session for sure.

Darren Shaw from WhiteSpark

All in all it is another great show .... so what are you waiting for? Head on over and give it a listen!


3 Misunderstood SEO Best Practices

Written by Terry Van Horne   
Wednesday, 11 August 2010 12:59

After a great Friday Dojo chat led by Gabriella Sannino someone in the ensuing convo asked about the meta keywords tag. Specifically why should they include it since the Search Engines don't use it.  I wanted to provide an opposite view to their belief that pages should be coded and built for Search Engines. I decided that I should share another point of view.

Fixing 3 common SEO best practices

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This Month in Social Media

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 04 August 2010 14:00

(July that is)

By Justin Parks

 Well its been “go go go” this month in social and it seems that no one wants to take a break for the summer hols... or maybe they are on their summer hols and are just tweeting about it. Whatever way, there have been some interesting developments in the hot hot month of July.


Crap .Nothing note worthy happened except that it pretty much refused to work for the whole damn month.  This was probably due to some upset employee with a demented plan for world domination starting with the destruction of the twitter platform, but as usual, no one wanted to admit that and instead they made up some boring bullshit story about servers and limits and expenses or such that no one really gave two monkeys about and was a waste of time as we all knew about the plan for world domination anyway.


Apart from one of my mates chaing his status to single things where interesting in the world of FaceBook. Reporting on it seems that the LIKE or SHARE button has taken on a whole new dimension for publishers.  Upon hitting the like key, publishers will then have the functionality to publish content directly to the feeds of folks who liked a specific page.

Under a tumult of screams echoing the words "SPAM! SPAM! SPAM!" the more sober among us decided that this is probably a good thing if it curtails the insane amount of fecking "I like this " crap that goes on and may make folk a little more cautious and simultaneously, serious, about hitting that like button.

On top of this FaceBook have also become addicted to create pages for themselves the self serving gits. After launching the FaceBook safety page earlier this month and a page for public relations professionals (hahaha - sorry ) week previous, Facebook has another page in its expanding arsenal for another group, namely the  - media.

FaceBook + Media page is geared to media organizations to help them: “drive referral traffic, increase engagement, and deepen user insights”. Or as I like to translate it as:

"a simple set of instructions for the nobheads media jockeys who are to cheap to pay someone who knows about it or who cant figure out how to do it themselves... and deepen user insights"

 .... Christ.


 And the other stuff.

What else has happened this month... Well! There’s always the old Spice viral video so many people have fallen in love with.  Having created a vid showing of the product Isaiah Mustafa (the big black guy in the ads) begin making vids to order for people who tweeted him questions or something similar.  Load of old bollocks if you aks me but it has catapulted the campaign into the semi naked atmosphere and caused more and more men to go around smelling like disinfectant mixed with paint thinner. 

 Sometimes I wish we could try some stuff before we help it go viral, some people are in for a serious eye watering surprise when they blast that stuff on in the department store!

 I guess the only thing left is to wish Mashable a Happy Birthday and may you not die as soon as possible and your rotting commerical ass get dragged back to the cess pool from whence it came.  Happy Birthday!

 Justin Parks

About the Author; Justin Parks is a social media consultant whom blogs over at his name-sake, Justin He is our resident social media geek at the SEO Dojo and will be coming in now and again on the trail to enlighten us on the world of social. Great to have him on board. ( be sure to follow him on Twitter)


SEO Dojo Radio - the great link building debate

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 29 July 2010 15:57

The podcast for search geeks!

This week's episode of SEO Dojo radio is now available. We're now in our fourth week and things are steadily getting better on the production side of things, (or at least I like to think so). Justin wasn't available for the 'regulars' so it was just me, Steve and Terry this week (listen in NOW) - Here's some of the goodies we dug into;

Is link building SEO? - we discuss the age-old debate of where link building fits into the marketing mix. Is it part of SEO? Or is it a separate discipline? The regulars dig in to it as well as getting Barry into the act in second part of the show today. Always a controversial discussion.

Search and Social – we're also talking about how search and social work together. Many say the lines are blurring. Are they? Or do they each have distinct purposes and approaches? We'll hash it out! And for fun we had a laugh about a blogger that said if you don't have a Twitter account, Google will devalue your site... WTF???

Google Patent Trail – we're also going to look at the recent post on the Trail which looked for any correlations between the last 2.5 years of patents and the direction Google is headed. It could be an entire show on it's own... we'll do what we can.

SEO Dojo Radio Hosts

Talking Google News

In the second part of the show today we're having Barry Adams from the Great Websites blog and works at . He works at Pierce Communications and deals with some major newspapers. As such we'll be asking him about his (extensive) knowledge of Google News. Barry recently hosted an SEO Dojo chat session (held each Friday) on the topic and knocked it out of the park. So, we couldn't resist having him on to expand on it all.

Barry Adams


All in all it was another great time and somewhat entertaining. If you have suggestions on ways we can improve or guests you want to see us have on, leave them in the comments here. Oh and a HUGE thanks to Rebekah May for creating our very own theme music. That was pretty damned cool of her.

You can listen to the show here!


Content Development and Copywriting, Meet the 21st Century

Written by Gabriella Sannino   
Wednesday, 28 July 2010 14:55

Welcome to the twenty-first century, where content is king and content development is all about strategies and relationships. Stop thinking like a content pusher! Rather, be a creative breath of fresh air, using words to show products and expand on their features.

A good content strategy requires such a variety of tasks that it’s impossible to gather “what goes into a good content strategy” under a single action. Developing a strategy isn’t as simple as “write it”. The list of tasks require experience and, most importantly, time, in order to better understand what and why you’re doing what you’re doing. You can’t just skip from the initial process to reaching your target audience and have good things happen.

Developing a content strategy

Now, content strategies and copywriting aren’t new; these disciplines have been used since before the beginning of the Internet without much hoopla or fuss. In fact, they’re less of a new field than a method of transposing “traditional” approaches to strategic communication techniques. The common denominator between digital media covers is the online editorial strategy, which is still the user interface.

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Google Patent Trail; Analyzing Recent History

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 28 July 2010 13:13

2 ½ Years of insight and what we can learn

I thought it would be interesting to have a look at the patents that the folks over at Google have had awarded over he last few years. Can we see a pattern? Does it speak to the future in any way? We shall see.

Recently I wrote about how Google might get beyond links. As an interesting follow up, I thought it would be useful to see just where they may be headed. It would be ever so interesting to do that same for the last 5-6 years, but that was something I really didn't have the time to dig into. Maybe some day.

Google Patents reviewed

As with all things, we don't want to get too excited by the adventure. Patents are merely concepts filed and protected over the years. Some are older, others more recent, I just wanted to do it as it would be interesting. I am sharing it, because well, it is always fun to think out loud.

Read more... [Google Patent Trail; Analyzing Recent History]
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