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Wandering Gypsy bounces over to Webmaster Radio

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 27 January 2009 03:05

OK gang…. Just wanted to pop in and let you know that the fine folks at Webmaster Radio have asked me to drop in on the SEM Synergy show and talk a little shop. As fate would have it Bruce’s agent’s have captured the fair lady rankings and won’t release her for anything short of Matt confirming bounce rates as a ranking signal – fear not, I have gathered a motley band of search geeks to ride off to see the drama through…

theGypsy stikes out to Webmaster Radio!

Well, it might not be all that, but it should be interesting. My guide for the ride, Virginia, seems keen on talking about personalized search and some of the research we did on re-rankings last fall. As faithful trail folk know, there is every chance that Personalized PageRank may creep in as well.

And let us just hope no one mentions the dreaded bounce rates… it should be interesting.

You can catch the show on Wednesday January 28th : at 3pm EST or 12pm Pacific – SEM Synergy
There is also a good chance of catching up with my merry band in the Chat room afterwards

A big thanks to the gang over at Webmaster Radio for the invite, Bruce for letting me ramble and Virginia for indulging my obsessions - we promise to clean up after our steeds.


SEO Handbook 2009; year of the Ox

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 26 January 2009 02:50

Good day to you my meandering multitude of mighty web warriors, January is coming to a close, the new year is rising (gong he fa choy!) and it’s time for me to liberate this year’s edition of the SEO Handbook (2009). For added fun, I’ve released a new ebook – the Link Builder’s Edition!! Yes yes…. Thanks… hold the applause for the moment won’t you? hee - hee.. Enjoy the excitement while it lasts, we won't be flogging it around here that often moving forward - preaching to the choir and all that.

the SEO Handbooks

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The trail has been nominated for some SEMMYs

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 20 January 2009 10:54

I wanted to post this yesterday but I was running on a 30hr shift and the lights were dimming inside the theatre of my mind. Given my cheekiness about the meme’s piled on yesterday, there will be nothing but joyous appreciation even if my blog swag is getting a little bloated.

Yesterday, one of my brothers in arms alerted me to this year’s Semmy Awards and the fact that the Trail managed 3 nominations. Of course you’re thinking it would be some bad assed SEO offering or maybe even Analytics but you’d be wrong, it seems my SEO-fu is still in need of more training.

the 2009 SEMMY awards

But it’s not all for naught, as apparently ranting is an awardable offence. Who knew? In this particular category there are not one, but two passionate barbs that made the cut. We’re in tough though, as the stalwarts of mischief and mayhem, Michael Gray and (Ranting) Rae Hoffman have also garnered a pair. Methinks even the pimperati can’t save this cathartic expression artist from falling this time.

Read more... [The trail has been nominated for some SEMMYs]

Looking for guest riders

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 13 January 2009 09:12

A chance to guest post on the Trail

Well, it’s been awhile since we had some fresh blood here on the Trail and I thought it was time to open up the doors once more. In the past we’ve had guest posters, chats and interviews with a wide rang of great peeps from the internet marketing world (see Guest Rider Round-Up).

Here are some of the fine folks we’ve had in the past;

Dave Snyder; SnyderSense
Steven Bradely; Van's SEO and Designs
James Duthie; Online Marketing Banter
Gab Goldenberg; SEO ROI
Jordan Kasteler; Utah SEO Pro  
Ann Smarty; SEO Smarty
Brian Chappell; SEO Blog
Samir Balwani; Left the Box
Brian Carter; Fuel Interactive
(dude who really needs to blog more) - Steve Gerencser

Chat’s and interviews

Bill Slawski SEO by the Sea
Jeff Quipp - SearchEnginePeople
Chris Winfield – 10e20
Brian Wallace – NowSourcing
Glen Allsopp – Viper Chill
Gennady Lager – Send Traffic
Jim Tobin – Ignite Social Media

And they were all just great to have around – it makes the Trail a better place to be...


So you wanna be a guest rider?

So how does this work you ask? Well it’s pretty easy, simply get in touch from here ( or hook up on Twitter ) so we can talk about what post ideas you might have. As long as it relates to internet marketing, it’s all good. It doesn’t have to be SEO and it doesn’t have to be technical. It can be geared towards professionals or something for the noobs. You see, having more diversity, in levels of expertise and types of content, will only make the place better. I am open to any and all ideas.

Comming soon we have an post from internet marketing blogger James Morris, a chat with analytics guru Marshall Sponder and an interview with's Joe Hall.

So what are you waiting for? Saddle up…and let’s ride!!


Project Jump Start 09

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 06 January 2009 08:06

Project Jump Start 09

A challenge to give back to those with a dream

Well gang we’re well into 2009 now and as part of my quest to give back and help others I have an interesting tidbit I’d like to share with you today.

Last week while making the rounds I noticed my good pal Dazzlin Donna (Fontenot) was launching ‘Project Jump Start ‘09’which is a program she came up with to give a little something to would be web entrepreneurs.  Inspired by the she writes;

I’m going to hand $25 (US) to one of you, and each and every month for the entire year of 2009, someone else will get $25. I want to help one person per month start their dream idea online. With $25 cash paid into a Paypal account, someone can purchase a domain name and 3 months of hosting. That should be enough time to get a new site going.”- from Project Jump Start ’09

And that’s not all; she also ponied up with some bonuses;

In addition, I’m going to throw in a free copy of my ebook, In Your Pajamas, as well as a free copy of my online press kit template package (to be used only by you, and not to be shared, please). That’s an added value of $80 ($5 for the ebook and $75 for the template)

Project Jump Start 09

As a fellow that’s been busting his nut for nearly 20 years as a small businessman and a guy that works mostly with small business, this really struck a chord with me. It can be really tough out there and every little bit helps.


Let’s get on board!!

But can more be done? You’re damn right there can be. To that I am going to match Donna’s $25/month and throw in a few bonuses too such as;

1Copy of the SEO Handbook and my new eBook, the Link Builders Edition (due out next week).
5 Hours of SEO consulting from Reliable SEO
6 Months of free hosting
1 Free logo designs (from Verve Developments)

Add that all up and it’s a value of more than $600 – Can You Dig It!!! (Warriors style)


My Challenge to the rest of you

Yup, you guessed it, I am after your hard earned dollars, time or anything else you feel you can sweeten the pot with. Many of us are blessed in this business and a $25 donation each month is more than doable. As a lead up to this post I talked to a few of my friends and so far have 2 more on board;

Latest benefactors for the program;

Jeff Quipp – traveling SEO guru from Search Engine People
Samir Balwani – Social media magician (the Great Balwani) from Left the Box
Brian Chappell - Social media consultant and FireHorse Trail Allumni
Eric Lander - Search marketer and social addict - His post on Jump Start


Will YOU take up the challenge and help out? We’re up to $150 for each new web entrepreneur plus bonuses. If you’re interested in joining us or want more information, please contact me or track down Donna (Twitter) and we can talk more.

I shall update this post with new members (ooo linkees for all) and I encourage you to please blog about this so that we may really do something special here…

Thanks for yer time… and Happy Trails to you in ‘09

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