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The SEO Dojo; latest updates

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 10 December 2009 10:21

We’re just over 6 weeks old over at the SEO Dojo and things are going great. So far we have more than 150 members ranging from seasoned search geeks to webmasters, copywriters, social media peeps and more. We’ve been adding new content all the time (interestingly a section on personalized search a few weeks back) and have some new features in the works already.

Of course as regular readers know, we’re also planning on some new testing over the next while (there’s power in numbers ya know) including the now infamous Google Personalized Search changes. One of the great advantages to having a growing family of search warriors is the ability to mine data on a larger scale. Look for much more on this in the future.

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One things I have really felt proud of is some of the coverage we had from around the web including winning a Top Rank poll for ‘Best Paid Subscription SEM Community’. If you have a few moments be sure to head over to the Dojo and check out the new Press Page to see what people have been writing and saying about our merry little gang of search geeks.

And if all of that weren’t enough, we’re planning on having the Dojo Xmas party next Friday as part of our weekly chat sessions (group IM convos and web cams too!). Considering we’ve had some 10hr sessions in the past… this one should be a hoot.

And that’s the latest from the Dojo… If you haven’t already, go check it out. I hope to see you in there soon…

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!


White Paper; Google Personalized Search

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 08 December 2009 16:59

Get the goods on Google SERP ranking flux

OK, judging from the reaction to yesterday's post on Google personalized search, it seems that a lot of folks were interested in the nitty gritty of this particular topic. As such I decided to re-publish the white paper we did on this earlier this year. Essentially it was much the same gig, people in SEO circles were spouting doom and gloom around everyone getting a different SERP. We really didn't believe this in my cirlcles and set out to test the theory.

We did a few rounds of testing (first with 25 or so peeps, then with 100 or so) to see exactly what was going on with Google personalized search and rankings flux... We looked at transactional and informational query spaces and also isolated geo-related factors. The results are the basis for the 'chill out' post from yesterday. If you're interested in what we found;

  • After that came out the folks at SEM Synergy (on WebMaster Radio) were kind enough to have me on to state my case - you can listen to that here

Those should get you up to speed.

What's next?

Now, it should be noted that this was earlier this year and as such, we're planning another round. For the record, I personally doubt a great deal has changed. This seems to be a change in presentation (to all users, not just logged in) and not one to the processing (HOW they are personalizing the results).

If you are interested in taking part or getting early access to the results, then be sure to join the SEO Dojo today - because that's where we'll be doing the next round...

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The future of SEO; search geeks speak!

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 28 October 2009 17:17

SEOs say personalization is the one to watch


If recent indications are anything, then personalization is still the one to watch heading into 2010. In a recent poll in the Dojo, (public) more than 40% of the respondents believed that it will have the greatest impact on the (near) future of SEO.


Scary StuffIt broke down like this;

Which do you feel will have the greatest impact on the future of SEO?

  1. Personalization – 42.3%
  2. Geo-Local – 20.6%
  3. Social Search – 14.4%
  4. Better Link Analysis – 10.3%
  5. Mobile – 6.2%
  6. Vertical Search – 4.1%
  7. Other (not on list) – 2.1%
  8. Maps – 0%

(poll results here)

Considering the poll is a week old, they just might have been onto something with the recent launch of Google Social Search (in Labs) which is most certainly a new level of personalization. We put that with other explicit signal gathering, there is a strong interest in behavioural data.


Beyond that, social search itself comes in at #3. At the number 2 position is another area that is ever increasing; Geo/Local. It has become more and more common to end up talking semantic mark-up such as micro-formats and RDFa with peeps.


Better link analysis’ rounds up the top 4 and with concepts such as page segmentation and personalized PageRank, among others, there is plenty of room for search engines to evolve here as well. All in all some interesting insights from the crowd and for the record? It should be no surprise I went with personalization… gotta love the implicit/explcit data I tells ya!


Feel free to add your own 2c in the comments…


This week’s poll is about the obvious choice this week; what effect will Social Search have on SEO? Drop by the Dojo and take part won’t you?

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Google Social search is now live!

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 26 October 2009 20:44

Check it out now in Google Labs!

Hey gang... just a quick heads up to let you know that Google Social Search is now Live and can be accessed here. We were just talking about it this morning, so as expected, I am gonna dig in to see what we have.

Google Social Search is Now Live!

For more info; see the official blog post, the help center and/or watch this vid

and a video with Matt Cutts

We'll have more on this story once I get in, dig around and get dirty! Now git on outta here and report back what ye find my fellow search geeks and warriors alike! The dawn of a new era? Or yet another 'meh' moment... We shall see.


Come Join the SEO Dojo

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 19 October 2009 13:17

Training for Search Warriors!

OK, if you've been wandering the trails with us here for any length of time, you might have caught wind of a little project me and a few dozen friends (old and new) have been working on. I speak of the SEO Dojo, a community for search geeks and professionals. It began as a desire to have a private hang out with a few peeps Learn more about the SEO communityand turned into a community that evolved with dozens of members and new features/content each and every week.

Somewhere along the line things changed. No longer was it just a simple little hobby, oh no my friends, when you'r search obsessed, odd things can happen. We started to polish it, prime it and make ready to bring our little home to the world.

We've Launched on our maiden voyage!

Yup it's true... just like I promised. So what do you do now? That's easy.. come join us! You can learn more and join us using the following links;

For those of you that have been looking for a top notch community for search geeks (we've got some bloggers, web designers and shirt makers too!) it is my hope that you'll join us. It has been a labour of love (mostly hee hee) and it's nice to see it leave the nest. 

Read more... [Come Join the SEO Dojo]
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