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SEO Dojo Radio; Episode 7

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 26 August 2010 17:18

This week's edition of SEO Dojo Radio is now up for all to enjoy! Ok, fine, might not be ALL that exciting, but we're still having fun with it. This week the regulars are back and in fine form. We got into a few things including;

  • Link Ponds – I bet you don't know what those are do ya? Well neither did we.
  • Pseudo Search – which is Google's new implicit site searches. Interesting stuff.
  • Inadequate search content and Demand Media (and related patents)
  • FaceBook Places – because we're just a social bunch
  • You Tube paks – Terry, the 'Universal Warrior' will give us the low down

SEO Dojo Podcast

Talking content strategy

In the second portion of the show we have Gabriella Saninno, of Level 343, stopped in to talk to us about content development/strategy.

Gabriella Sannino

As many of you might know we Dojo folks are big on content centric SEO programs, great stuff all around! It was a good show and I would DEFINATELY go and give it a listen NOW!

Take your skilz to the next level

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Google Acquires and Riya

Written by Terry Van Horne   
Sunday, 22 August 2010 18:22

Google Buys Product Search Engine to Power Commerce Search Platform? Acquision Announcement
Enlarge Announcement

In an announcement on the homepage the product search engine disclosed they have been acquired by Google. This is not the first time the two have negotiated, however, Munjal Shah was then the CEO of Riva. Google intended to buy Riya in 2005 for facial and text recognition that enabled intelligent sorting of untagged photos. In 2006 Riya was unable to monetize a  planned launch of a visual search engine with support for object recognition. and in a post on Typepad Munjal Shah disclosed a decision to focus on more lucrative search,

Read more... [Google Acquires and Riya]

Facebook Tries To Steal Google Places Thunder

Written by Terry Van Horne   
Friday, 20 August 2010 04:06

Facebook Adopts the Google Buzz Strategy

It seems that the Facebook is copying the strategy Google employed with their Buzz product. To Google's credit at least they didn't use the same name for what is essentially the same service. Both "Places" services on these Internet Bohemoth's identify a Place. In Google's case it is information about a Place. In the case of Facebook it seems more about stalking people in a Place but it also sounds like it could be part of their monetization strategy if they charged
for 'checkins' at businesses.

FaceBook Places

Read more... [Facebook Tries To Steal Google Places Thunder]

SEO Dojo Radio; Microformats and more

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 19 August 2010 16:56

Hey gang... we launched this week's edition of SEO Dojo Radio this morning. It was yet another great session, if not a bit crazy with a new record for F-bombs. The first part of the show featured the regulars (myself, Terry and Steve) and Justin came back after some time in the homeland (Ireland).

We were all in rare form and talked about;

  • Silly link building tactics and link cliques
  • New local SERPs, all local no organic
  • Siloing – is in back in vogue?
  • Yahoo Api Updates – Site Explorer survives
  • Does the SEO industry need consumer advocacy?

Dojo Radio Hosts

Read more... [SEO Dojo Radio; Microformats and more]

Search Geeks Speak; Google loves links

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 17 August 2010 15:54

The most recent poll over in the SEO Dojo was related to an article I wrote over on the WordStream blog a while back titled; Google is getting past the link

The premise of the piece was that we may be on the precipice of a world where Google puts less reliance on links and starts to consider other signals. Which made me curious as to what the rest of the search space felt about that. Thus the poll;

Will Google ever get over links?

Here's how the answers broke down;

  • 64.1% Nope not any time soon
  • 17.2% Caffeine means more signals
  • 10.9% Not yet, but coming soon
  • 4.7% Yes they have to for relevance
  • 3.1% Yes, SEOs have destroyed PR signals

First off, the funny part for me, was the response the original article recieved. Most folks seemed to agree with me that Google would be evolving past the present addiction. That wasn't entirely borne out in the poll results. With that, only 36% seemed to believe such.

After that, it does seem that most believe that via caffeine or otherwise, that an change may be on the horizon. So why do most of the folks believe Google can't get past the link? Is that because it is so ingrained in our collective conciousness? Is it because they have no faith in Google? It's hard to say. I am going with the former.

What I can tell you is that the IR world itself really doesn't talk about search/ranking in terms of linkage over the last few years. I would venture a guess we most certainly will see a shift... time will tell. Please do head on over to the Dojo and take this week's poll; Are you utilizing RDFa and microformats yet? (right hand side)

What do YOU think? Sound off in the comments.

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