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Stop Sphinning your wheels

Written by David Harry   
Sunday, 07 October 2007 18:21

Well, it’s actually the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend here in Canada and I wasn’t really planning on posting anything. The problem is that I sat down to my ‘puter and made the mistake of looking at my reader. I am starting to wonder if folks are Blogging just so they can post it on Sphinn or what? So much crap and it seems to be getting worse.

You gotta be kidding me?

accahd.gifToday I saw stuff from a reasonably respected source, namely the Search Engine Journal on a speculative Backlinks update and even worse the ToolBar PageRank export. I expect such trite from SEO forums as those rabid animals still value such garbage. I certainly don’t expect it from reputable SEO Blogs etc…. And I don't even mind that, except the furor it creates amongst the rabid-SEO crowd.

To start with, it is speculation. Secondly, the toolbar as any kind of valued metric to ANY serious SEO should be nada, zilch, butkis. I even question the value of knowing Google’s latest backlink export truth be told. We can certainly get a picture of backlinks from Google, Yahoo and so on… but we will never know EXACTLY what Google sees and how they are valuing them. So, for me, both metrics are nothing more than a passing novelty. But the fine folks of the Sphinn community sure think it is a Hot non-Story

So much for letting the people have editorial control via a voting system, huh?


Sphinn me!! Sphinn me!!

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A Sphinn Spam Story

Written by David Harry   
Saturday, 29 September 2007 17:15

The gang at Sphinn had just as soon released an announcement about leaving Beta, and the Spammers decided they should go live as well.

While watching my reader this morning, I noticed a post at Sphinn that was titled - ‘ Finally, A Way to Watch Thousands of TV Stations Legally, without the monthly satellite tv expenses ’ and I tought to myself,  ‘WOW, is that ever way off topic?’  And so I went over to investigate, fully prepared to freak out at the uselessness of it all… To my surprise, it turned out to be a pretty nifty bit of web spam that had even gamed the system to giving the appearance of 40+ BS Sphinns …. A hot topic indeed.




I had to wonder though, what were they thinking? Really!?!  I can't see a ton of click through action, as it is obvious Spam, in a marketer hang out (we know a thing or two about Spam don’t ya know) – second, there is little hope of any link love.. and even if there was, not very topical ... as Lyndoman said in the comments -

"The question is, is it worth the effort. I doubt it. There are other social media places where you can do this and the link sticks. The problem with this guy is he hasn't worked out his effort/reward proccess."

So, did someone decide to game the system for the simply fact of doing so? For a good laugh? I Dunno…. sure hope it was for the latter, I would hate to think I am the only guy getting a laugh out of it....

Welcome the world of Social Media - Sphinn, great fun ain't it?

( ongoing notes below -)

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SEO ranting or link nepotism?

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 24 September 2007 23:17

Whatta freakin Hoot!! I am pretty sure there aren’t more than 10 of you that actually read my rants, but you all should know of my recent rants against Bad SEO and the providers serving up the delectable plates of steamy BS with it. Right?

3waydiv.gifI was watching my reader and saw a post that was ranting about a fella ranting about Bad SEO…. Now that’s a new one!!! Maybe if some one actually paid attention to this Gypsy’s rants they’d be working together against the common foe instead of baiting each other…. Or it could be more of that famous SEO nepotism? This jaded observer can’t tell anymore.

It started with Greg’s rant about SEO Fruadsters to which the Guru posted his thoughts on Greg’s thoughts…. So a rant about a rant… he he…. At which point Greg tried to clear things up.

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Matt Cutts releases software

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 13 September 2007 20:33



M’Dog Matt Cutts has released his very own software for the budding Search Engineers of the world to smack down Link Spam just like Google. If you own a Search Engine and wished you could get rid of the Web Spam like the big boys, you need look no further..... Matt Cutts is here to save you!! No more endless reams of spamy results, no more worries about 3 way links, paid links and general link spam manipulation.... Now you can play with the big boys!!!

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Mad Hat and the Gypsy

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 02 February 2007 23:33

Ok, so it’s Friday.. and no, I ain’t been smoking anything (it’s much to early, oui mon ami?) – but I was wandering along the trail and ran into the Mad Hatter .. or at least his Hat.. Which was none to pleased either by the looks of him.

hatter.jpgI managed to find the Hat’s owner Aaron and all is well… tho I think the Hat is still on a tear. Over the next little while Aaron and I plan on amusing ourselves (and hopefully others) as plans are already in motion – tho I dare not say anything…

Be sure to drop by The Mad Hat if yer looking to supplement your SEO Blog reading.. ( and most humble respec' out to MH for given a brutha some Luv)

more to come….

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