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Big Algo Change at Google - the Hype and the Help

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 02 January 2008 18:51

Ok enough is enough. Over the last 24hrs no less than 3 major websites, (and many smaller ones) have been ranting about Google ranking new content over older index entries. Am I the only person that finds this BIG NEWS less than exciting? I mean I have understood through most of last year that there were temporal effects that had newer entries/content additions ranking early but slowly fading over time if new links aren’t flowing in or the content reasonably updated. We have been watching this for some time now.

RANT!!!This is another great illustration of how ‘the masses’ seem to think that there is a single algorithm at work. The folks at Mashable are talking about the ‘PageRank’ algorithm being broken which is just so far from reality it nearly nauseating. This has very little to do with PageRank and more to do with a variety of layered algos and a temporal parameter to the weighting system. To be calling them ‘artificially inflated’ is simply ignorant. WTF is so freaking artificial? Why do people seem to keep assuming that all things lead to PageRank?

I have covered so many patents over the last few years that in whole, or in part, bring a wide variety of potential ranking factors, (signals) into the mix beyond PR, so why the confusion? I personally believe, that a heavily skewed PR world of ranking left us way back in early 2006. There is simply nothing new here for anyone that is in the trenches ranking sites 24/7. This phenomenon has been in play for quite a while.

Let’s have a closer look at this so-called SERP evidence; January 1 tcp/ip

I am sorry, but this is not really much evidence of anything but how some bandwagon jumpers can board a no-name search term that probably had few searches, little revenue potential and will once again be worthless in 6 months when all this bullshit dies down. Now if you can do that with say a term like ‘buy viagra’ or ‘Brittney Spears’ – then it would be some freakin news now wouldn’t it? Go ahead I dare you; Buy Viagra . Now go make a Blog post and get me ranking for that in a day… Ok?

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Industry Awards and the Rubber Chicken

Written by David Harry   
Saturday, 29 December 2007 17:34

Well it seems that it is Awards Season in the blog-o-sphere and we actually got nominated for something! As is only fitting, the only thing we were nominated for is a Rubber Chicken award, it just figures don’t it? It seems that Jeff and I tickled a few funny bones with our 2 Part Series dubbed ‘the Sphinn Awards (Part I and II)'. Considering I do enjoy playing the class clown, I am more than pleased to have made it as a finalist.

For those that missed it, here are the posts;

The Sphinn Awards Part I
The Sphinn Awards Part II

For those of you that enjoy a good guffaw, here are the other Top 10 Finalists;

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Fire Horse Trail 2008

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 27 December 2007 18:03

So waddup? Ya’ll want some goodiness for 2008?

Can do! It probably doesn’t take a genius to sort out what exactly I see for 2008 (and beyond). I am looking at a brave new world of Search Optimization with the prospect that is the world of User Performance Metric influenced search rankings. There is no escaping he fact that Google will continue its course of becoming more ubiquitous and cross platform and device minded. From Operating systems and browsers (FireFox) to social media and mobile, we are sure to see more.

Yesterday there was a trio of patents from Google relating to radio, and we have already seen them take a look at magazine’s and TV even (or TV-like at least). I was reading Alex Chitu’s predictions and he led off with Google looking to become one big social network. This all means more Google user accounts and that in turn will mean more default ‘personalized search’(PS) for search optimizers to deal with ultimately.

iGoogle on the rise

Of all of the Google services, the personalized Google home pages, inventively dubbed ‘iGoogle’ lead the pack as far as growth was concerned. TechCrunch was reporting recently that it was by far, the leading growth area increasing traffic a stunning 267% (over the last 12 months). As the die hard readers know, the pervasiveness of Google accounts was something this wired web Gypsy spotted on the horizon a while ago. Once again, the sticky part ere is that most folks with a Google service (and account) don’t realize that PS is turned on and so the number of people actually using personalized search (passively) is certain to be on the rise as well.

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the Sphinn Awards are here!

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 12 November 2007 14:40

the Sphinn AwardsThat’s right my fine peeps…. Today is day one of the 2 day extravaganza to reward those in the Sphinn-o-sphere that have stood head and shoulders above the rest of us mere mortals. Be sure to head over to the Search Engine People website to catch all the excitement.

Part II of the awards ceremony will be right here on Houmah tomorrow morning at 9am… be sure to be here


The Sphinn Awards Are Coming

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 08 November 2007 23:03

Are you a Sphinn-o-holic? Do you find yourself with the urge to click whenever you see that little blue star in your web wandering? Perhaps you have Sphinn hooked up to your reader because you simply Can’t Get Enough? If that’s the case, I have some exciting news that is simply to die for;

The Search Engine People and are proud to present;

the (Un-)Official Sphinn Awards!! - You longed for them, asked for them and pleaded with your deity of choice and now; They’re Here! Be sure to tune in and watch all of your favourite ‘Sphinners’ stroll down the red carpet and into ever-lasting fame in the Sphinn-o-sphere. Some of the hardware up for grabs include;

The Tireless Reporter Award - The Social Seduction Award - Spread the Love Award - The Fast Fingers Award - The Frustration and Futility Award -- And of course the 2 Big Ones; The Bulls-eye Award and the Sphinner’s Choice Award


When and Where - The awards ceremony will be broken down into 2 completely riveting Blog-casts. The first part on Search Engine People and the exciting conclusion the very next day right here on

The Sphinn Awards Part I; is on SEP, Monday November 12 2007 (9am EST)
The Sphinn Awards Part II; here on Tuesday November 13 (9am EST)


Be sure to catch all the excitement  – YOU could be one of our lucky winners!!  

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