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Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 09 April 2008 15:03

the Vertical Search engine for the SEO community

A while ago I created a vertical search engine (via GCSE) that is set up to search some of the top sites in the SEO (and search marketing) web-o-sphere. The main idea was simply to have somewhere to research topics of interest from trusted sites only. Not only does it make it easier to access information from valued community members, but it cuts the friggen web spam outta the picture altogether.

To that end, sharing with ya’ll seems only natural. It is a work in progress and new sites will certainly be added over time.

Feel free to nominate other worthy candidates for inclusion, so far it searches (in no particular order);

the MadHat,
Search Engine People,
the LinkSpiel,
Sebastians Pamphlets,
Hamlet Batista,the SEO search engine
Search Engine Journal,
SEO Book Blog,
SEO by the Sea,
SEO -Theory,
Search Engine Land,
Cornwall SEO,
Search Engine Watch,
Marketing Pilgrim,
Bruce Clay Blog,
SEOmoz Blog
SEO Scoop,
Jennifer Slegg,
John Andrews,
Wolf Howl
Small Business SEM
Hobo SEO
Joost DeValk
SEO Scientist
Eric Ward
SEM Portland
High Rankings
Ask Kalena

So please try it out and let me know whatcha think… the SEO Search Engine


Breaking News * the Internet Lies

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 03 April 2008 08:35

Just in case no one had filled you in on it yet - people are gaming the system. Yes, shocking but true. In today's story, via TechCrunch, it seems a company named Slide was caught putting fake reviews of their FaceBook app. Now I am sure this comes as no suprise to you as aptly put by Duncan;

"Fake reviews seem to be part of the norm these days. however most companies are smart enough to cover their tracks."

Ain't it the truth? These turkeys actually used company linked FaceBook accounts. The point here is more about the ones we don't see and the viability towards many aspects of trustability for said networks. Will they soon become poisoned?

It reminds me of a story that I covered a year and a half ago about newspapers using automated software to write news stories... ha ha ha... by now I am sure your local social media spammer types have not only mastered that but also the automation of account creation and IP spoofing to go along with your robot writer.... it all makes for a less than trusting nature to it all. Is this a danger ultimately for public social networks?

I know search people seek to set ideals of what relevant search results are as far as quality; do social media marketers do the same? Or as it is part of thier job to *ahem* market to these communities, do they turn the other cheek?

I wonder; what are the SMM standards? Is there such a thing as a Black Hat SMM? ha haha ha....dats funny...

..oh well.... back to work... Peace!


Sour grapes and my wrath

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 31 March 2008 10:48


Ok, so someone was making a bit of a hoop-la about Guy Kawasaki’s new aggregator site; allTop (hee hee Hiya K). I went over to have a look and well…. seeing the ‘SEO Category’ - some problems with it jump right out at me;

wah wah wah

  1. I am not on it, let’s get that out of the way…major problem (bwaha ha haha, but seriously :)
  2. Matt Cutts? When is the last time that guy wrote consistently about SEO? Whaaaa?
  3. ShoeMoney? How’d he get in there? He even says he doesn’t know a ton about SEO.
  4. John Batelle? Whaaaaaa?? I have him in my reader…mini-posts, not much search, never mind SEO.
  5. ThreadWatcher? Last post August of 2007?
  6. Performancing…erm… love em, but not a lot of SEO stuff.
  7. SEO Contest 2008 ?? Nuff said
  8. Cross-over – there is a lot of PPC/SEM/SMM cross-over. It does say SEO there (yeah being picky). Make separate categories or rename this one.
  9. …..and of course,once again… I am not on it , but more importantly neither are other actual quality folks like Michael Martinez, Weip Knoll, Debra Mastaler, Jill Whalen…U get the idea... I'd trade in some of the above for those fine folks.(now added see below)

My point is that while some of them are debate-able, there are omissions more worthy than some of those on the list. So while it is a nice list there Guy, I’d be looking at a few of the suspect choices as it comes off as the usual popularity contest more than a true desire to deliver quality resources. Also, maybe re-name it to SEM if you want to keep the cross over stuff, it simply muddies things more than they are already. Pffffttt!! I guess I will just have to come up with my own list then …so there. Gonna take my marbles and go home…waaaaaaaahhhh…(or maybe not since Guy is so accomodating ;0)

hee hee...*sigh* …. Just my 2 cents on a Monday morning.

ADDED: Ok, seems someone passed my sour whine out to the web-o-sphere and Guy has graciously given in to my nag. Thanks Guy for adding some more of our great minds (above) and even considering this rider for inclusion in the posse :0)  --- Trail Badge Added, but I still get to wine

Young Guns of SEO

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 14 February 2008 02:25

Almost by accident I started a series here on the Fire Horse Trail that is dedicated to highlighting and sharing exposure for some of the young grinders in the SEO world for all to enjoy. It began innocently enough as I had asked Gabriel (SEO ROI) if he wanted to pimp his wares over here and then once more when Jordan (Utah SEO Pro) dropped by to play. I then realized a few of the other folks I was talking to were of the temporally disadvantaged variety. The the Young Guns of SEOwheels were in motion…

You see, the reason this place has some eastern influence (Huo Mah = Fire Horse) is because I spent more than twenty years as a student and teacher in the martial arts, it has always been a passion of mine. One of the tenets is that one should always seek to preserve their art form by passing it along (responsibly) to the next generation. I thought to myself that I had a unique and valuable opportunity to try and support the younger set in any way I could to continue the tradition into my latest passion in life; Search Engine Optimization.

People actually read this Blog?

Well, not many really, but what platform I do have here I am more than happy to share with some young energy that may just brighten up the place. The first two instalments are in and I have added a ‘Young Guns of SEO’ navigation to the left hand panel. In the coming weeks I shall be having some more guest riders along to regale us with tales of excitement and edu-tainment of the trails they have been taking in their young careers.

If you know a young SEO that would be worth looking at, let me know.

Not a Youngster but still looking for a chance to get your name out there? Not a problem, the ever entertaining and always amazing Dazzing Donna is taking entries for up and comers of all ages; Check it out!

Until Next time… stay tuned.


Beware! the Search Engines want your SEO job

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 06 February 2008 21:42

Microsoft and Rand Team up to Squash the SEO Industry

Last time I heard the powers that be in search engine land told us that manipulating the rankings is a no-no. In many ways, much of what SEO is about has never been looked on favourably by search engines. They certainly have some guidelines and the ever popular ‘Terms of Service’ but ultimately there has been a ‘them against us’ feel in the game over the years.

Microsoft offers SEOSo, when I heard the Microsoft was getting into the Search Engine Optimization biz…. I had to rub my eyes.

Yup...that’s right, I give you the; Microsoft ISV SEO Program

WTF did he just say?

You heard me… and I have to wonder if we’re crossing some line here.

‘Rise to the Top - Improve your search-engine rankings and start attracting more sales leads to your company's website. Contact Microsoft today to request details on how to sign up.’

One could argue that it may legitimatize SEO, but then if all the engines did, what stops the ultimate creep into paid placement in the ‘organic’ search results? I decided to download the PDF of services and some tidbits sure do seem interesting; let us review together shall we?

Read more... [Beware! the Search Engines want your SEO job]
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