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My fall schedule

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 15 September 2008 08:57

Who cares if you don't care... someone might...

Well, it has been a few months since I stepped back from the abyss that is the social side of my SEO passion. An enjoyable break that spilled over onto the blog in the form of more casual posting, it must be a summer thing (as I took a few months off last year as well). I totally advise it for everyone from time to time… recharging the batteries is good for ya!

And you wouldn’t believe the traffic we had for that – Oh no you didn’t – video last week….lol… wonder what all those kids looking for the video and lyrics thought of the rest of the site? Must've had a few peeps confused...

Anyway, after giving some thought to what’s next – a heads up is in order… not sure why.. just friggen felt like putting it out there…. Here's what I wil be up to...

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How relevant is Cuil?

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 04 August 2008 08:21

Building a better search engine

We all know about the latest Google killer by now right? You know, Cuil (pronounced ‘cool’)… the relevance based search engine that boasts more pages in its index than the mighty peeps at the Plex?

While there has been no lack of FAIL floating around after its recent launch, there are a few reasons why this Gypsy might just take a deeper look.

The phrase based IR connection

What I found interesting was that one Anna Patterson is on board... which itself might not mean much, but spare me a few moments to enlighten. She’s one of the ‘ex-Googlers’ that are part of the team at Cuil (along with hubby Tom). I know.. all falling in place now right? Ok.. a little further...

...let me quote from the management team page;

“Anna was the architect of Google’s large search index, TeraGoogle, that launched in early 2006. While at Google, Anna was the technical lead of one of the two Web ranking groups at Google, in charge of GoogleBase, and the manager for the core piece of Google’s ad-matching technology. She joined Google in 2004 after designing, writing and selling Recall—the largest search engine in existence at the time at 12 billion pages..”

Is Cuil using phrase based IR?

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Search Marketing Round Up Aug 1

Written by David Harry   
Saturday, 02 August 2008 16:31

Well I’m a day late, but it was a crazy kind of week.

First off in the news I wanted to mention a few of my own travels such as a pod-cast interview with Garrett over at Your SEO Mentor, which was a bunch of fun (thanks for having me). Also this week I launched a rant on Collective Thoughts titled; Quality the ultimate marketing tool.

A week for learning Search Marketing

Looking for more of this Gypsy? Check out the Site Reference SEO Blog where I kicked off my renewed efforts with; How to Learn SEO - And we carried that onwards here on the trail asking experts on the best route to learning SEO.

..and there were a few more out there this week;

Everything you ever needed to know about SEO - Internet Business
SEO Training: What's Your Favorite Flavor? - Bruce Clay
the Future of SEM education - Search Engine Watch

All in all, some great tidbits for those seeking enhance their talents

…on with the news…


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Search Marketing Round Up July 25

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 25 July 2008 11:48

Latest Search News from the SEM Room on FriendFeed

The Inevitable Demise of the Black Hatter - SEOptimise
7 Ways to Lower Your Home Page Bounce Rate - Conversation Marketing
Google loses share as Yahoo, Microsoft gain - ComScore
PPC Keyword Sets: Words to the Wise - Search Engine Watch
Semantic Search Arrives at the Web - DevX
Yahoo Researcher Seeks to Combine Semantic Search Methods - Search Engine Watch
Google on One Boxes and Grouping Result Types to Fill Informational Needs - SEO by the Sea
Will Software Patents (Including On Search Algorithms ) Go Away? -Search Engine Land
WordButler: New Keyword Tool Not Quite Ready for the Big Leagues - Pole Position
Proof You Can Buy Your Way to No. 1 on Google & Yahoo - Small Business SEM
Negative keyword research tips - Get Elastic


Latest SEO News from the Learn SEO room on FriendFeed

General TooBar indexing debunk post - Matt Cutts
Robots.txt Overview, Generator, & Analyzer - SEO Book
Guide to getting pics in Google - Digital Inspiration
The Link Building Kiss of Death - Search Engine Land
Alternative Search Results Part I - Alt Search Engines
The New Google Keyword Tool: How To Apply Keyword Research to Your Site - Get Elastic
Tracking your Backlinks with Free Internal Analytics Tools - Search Engine Journal
Source ordered content; SEO benefits or drawbacks - Search Engine Journal
Architecting Web sites - Design from the SEO perspective - SEO Theory


Strangely, there were few patents of interest this week.... so that's it - have a great weekend!!


Search Marketing Round Up July 18

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 18 July 2008 10:29

Latest Search Marketing News from the SEM Room on FriendFeed

Scour - a new social search engine - Social CMS
Why The Google Keyword Tool Is Useless For SEO, Even With Exact Numbers - SmackDown
.Me and .Pro Domains to Go on Sale - Search Engine Watch
7 Ways to Lower Your Home Page Bounce Rate - Conversation Marketing
Video Optimization and Analytics: A closer look at YouTube Insight - 10e20
Yahoo Directory bug lets you see your competitors clients - Blog Storm
Conversion and PPC: Can you start small? - Luna Metrics
Google playing with voting buttons again- TechCrunch
The fallacy of SEO celebrity - Top Rank
SEO Feasability - when it's a good idea and isn't - Hamlet Batista Blog


Latest SEO news from the Learn SEO Room at FriendFeed

How to Write Effective Title Tags & Other On-Page Stuff - SEM Insights
20 must have FF extensions for SEO peeps - Search Engine Journal
Link Building via Word-of-Mouth - Search Engine Watch
How to track outbound links in Google Analytics - SEO Gadget
4 things you should know about Robots.tx - Search Engine Journal
Search Engines and Link Reputation: What’s Yours? - Jeffery Smith (Sub by Garrett Pierson)
Will It Float? A guide to getting Google to love you - SEOpscenter
Online SEO Tools - the Ultimate Collection - Search Engine Journal
Big Brand Link Building - Wiep Knol
Online Marketing Tips Video: 5 Easy SEO Tips to Optimize a Website - Search Marketing Gurus
the Techologies behind Google Rankings - Google Blog
A FAQ about SEO. Helpful for non techie customers. - Mass Media Design (sub by Gregor Spowart )


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