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Bruce Clay killed ranking reports! Or did he?

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 19 November 2008 14:51

I tell ya… this is a whacky business we are in (those in SEO at least) – Not so long ago the spectre that is the death of ranking reports raised it’s conventionally wise head – which we poo poo’d here in this space for a few reasons.

A little history…

Back in August, when last we noted this anomaly, this was born; the Evolution of SEO
Which, while acknowledging the need for geo-targeting and analytics, we put forth the theory that all is not lost (just evolved)… and even took some flak for that position.

But that wasn’t enough so some volunteers pitched in and we realized, ‘Yes Virginia, rankings DO matter’ and also outlined some take-away’s from the (limited) study. The next round of these, a more expanded research session, starts next week and we’ll see where it leads.

Who killed ranking reports?

Now, there is no way I am delusional, nor in denial. One thing I am known for is being a recovering personalized search addict and have covered it extensively as with other behavioural metrics that search engines use these days. This is about having the tightest grasp on the art of SEO as one possibly can, not about fantastical statements.

This is where the rubber really does hit the road my fine reader; the death of ranking reports is premature and over-stated. What research we have done shows that behavioural metrics (SERP interactions, query revisions) and geo-location factors are having as much of an effect on re-rankings as personalization does in many query spaces.

BUT… and it’s a HUGE one, it is not some massive flux that serves drastically different results to different users. This simply is not evident as things are far more subtle than that (download the entire Google re-ranking study).

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Miss me? Of course you did

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 12 November 2008 19:45

Miss me? Of course you did

Follow the trail -

In case you haven't been paying attention, like I know U are... ahem... here's a few posts I've put up this week;

Collective Thoughts - for those writers and content generators among you, a litle guide to thinking outside the box with; Researching blog posts with Buzz monitoring

UserNameCheck - and in a new switch, posted on the SR internet marketing blog - where my pal Samir is now going to be helping with - in a post; UserNameCheck a very cool tool...

As for the trail, working on the new Google Analytics segmentation and will have a post on Analytics for SEO up tomorrow if I get it finished ;0) - likely at least a 3 part series for that...

I hope your week is going well, kind of spotty here...sigh...



New toy and latest additions at SSP

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 04 November 2008 10:39

Follow the trail to the Search SEO Pros blog

Late last week I added a blog over on Search SEO Pros - In addition to the latest SEO Pros added and site news there will be some fun posts on using Google Custom Search Engines, buzz monitoring and even some search data that the engine generates.

Search the top SEO Blogs and Media

Here’s what we have so far;

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New Site Alert: Search SEO Pros

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 27 October 2008 13:07

A vertical search engine for the SEO industry

Not nearly as exciting as the IM Broadcast announcement is the fact I WASN’T at the conference and had some time to kill on the weekend. Idle hands and cabin fever left me wanting for something to amuse myself. To that end I looked at the variety of Google Custom Search Engines that I’d been mucking with of late and thought, ‘what about a SEO vertical search?

Over the next ½ dozen hours engines were born and a framework created into a nifty little research toy for all you search geeks on a quest for knowledge - Search SEO Pros

the SEO Search Engine

4 Search engines in 1

The basic concept is that there are four separate search engines for searching a variety of sources including;

  1. Search top SEO writers
  2. Search the Search Engine blogs
  3. Search for SEO Video
  4. Digging deeper – with new voices
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New Site Alert: IM Broadcast

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 27 October 2008 12:37

Internet Marketing Videos

For those of you that didn’t catch it already, late last week there came a new addition to the marketing landscape in the form of IM Broadcast – Multimedia for Internet Marketers. Fellow trail riders (Spyder) Dave Snyder and Jordan Kasteler teamed up with Loren Baker on this little jem that yours truly has been playing with some over the last week.

Dave and co were nice enough to let me play along and the live broadcast Friday was just like being there… except it’s a tad colder up here boys…

IMB - Internet marketing videos

Follow the Trail ;

User; theGypsy (of course)
MyVid Favs; Gypsy’s videos
My Group; SEO Geeks

So why not sign up and come hang out… conversations are slow at this point, hopefully that will pick up moving forward. Dubbed ‘the YouTube for Internet Marketers’ – looks like we can have a ton of fun and really… we needed something new right?

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