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the Sphinn Zone

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 30 May 2008 08:42

A fortnight at Sphinn

the Sphinn Zone"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man, a land of linkbait and drama unfolding. It is a dimension as vast as social spaces, brimming with enigmatic individuals and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle-ground between light and shadow, black hat and white... between science and superstition, and it lies between the marketing mahem and search stardom. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area we call the 'Sphinn Zone.'

Hiya peeps, Dave here - In what might become a regular feature around here, we’ll catch up on the latest goodies from the world of the SphinnZone. This edition is culled from the last few weeks of action - Given that I like to plant my tongue firmly in cheek and poke fun at things, why not play rag reporter for some fun??

And it was a great time to start taking notes… witness – LyndonGate!!


LyndonGate - Seems Lyndon wrote the greatest linkbait ever… or maybe the biggest reputation management case ever.. be sure to see how it played out. And Here and Here and Here.... ugh..I have marvelled once again as marketers from the liberal to the purists get mashed into an ethical orgy that verges on troubling …

..this all lead to a comment by one Matt Cutts... which itself ultimately led to some requisite Google bashing as note by this – this, that and this… There are even more, but I started to actually feel physically ill… I like Jill’s comment;

“Quite the leap some people are making in taking what Matt said at Sphinn about one specific link baiting incident, and trying to apply it to every article that ever gets published. From what I read, Matt was simply providing his (and presumably) Google's stance on Lyndon's link bait that was posted on

Sure, if someone else does something similar and it is obvious or promoted as such, then Google would take the same stance. But I didn't see Matt say anywhere that they were going to build some sort of moral compass into their algorithm. I find these discussions that suggest as much to be taking away from the real issue at hand, which has nothing to do with Google.” - Jill Whalen

…. Nuff said on that really…

Sphinn Job board?

 Sphinn Job Board? - This is a fun one… Kalena posted a job opportunity on her site and not only did some happy footed user decide submit it, but no less than 4 other folks decided to vote for it. Talk about brand power… ya rock K! Me? I am sorry to say it got the SPAM report from me….  even tho’ I am a fan of Kalena’s search engine advice blog (see..targeted link luv and all ;0) --

Mirror mirror on the wall - Funny thing that once upon a time one of my fav peeps Andy Beard left us because a promotional post of his, that someone else submitted, got removed from Sphinn. Hell, ol Jeff submitted my SEO eBook when the 2008 edition launched – which was also removed (I told him that was gonna’ happen he he). So how in the @#$& is THIS pimping from Dan Thies any different? And my brethren thought that Google was the only one with double standards…. Sigh… and don’t give me that FREE shit as we all know there is always an angle… (you know sign ups maybe?)

Some Spam with that sir? - I thought that this one was fun because the name of the post was; Is SEO Spam? If you notice the top commenter decided to, you guessed it, Spam the comments. I love the delicious irony of it all.

Holy freakin’ Sphinn post! - In a monster Sphinn related post the likes of which I haven’t seen since the Sphinn Awards, the WebProfessor wrote; 11 of the most important Sphinns on Sphinn – once again confirming my addiction.

When Bulls play Bingo - Tad came across Bullshit Bingo which is a hoot and needed in this rampant week of those playing the dual linkbaited – SEO sucks – No it doesn’t – trend that is endlessly pathetic.

Survey goes plop! - Sphinn took a run at a survey for the faithful..which erm.. didn’t seem to be going that well. I guess they need someone with some background insight into qualitative market research…. Hmmmm. Personally since the info is tied to me..seems a great way to get some cheap business intelligence to me. I know its for demos, but really..

Don’t stop me now - Kim’s rage patrol carried on and ya’ll better duck if ya know what’s good for you;

Sphinn Spam – the other day there was a good entry from Matt on some pretty freakin’ silly spam with; 10 signs you’re spamming Sphinn

Sphinn is a Killer!! – Seems that Sphinn showed up over at Killer Start-ups which is pretty groovy – Go vote it up on KSUs

Trademark this buddy… And last but not least our good pal Jason Gambert is back and he brought his sock puppets with him. While hiding in the shadows of Lyndon-Gate, this old controversy refuses to go away.


Friends that Feed the Need

From the SphinnZone Room (on FriendFeed);


FriendFeed Sphinn Zone

Twitter Will Die And I'll Tell You Why - I just love a lyrical title ;0) -

Pligg Lands On Mars - Nice... so Martians can Sphinn and Digg and Mixx it up? Hmmm... Ideas for names? ?

Popped this up a few days back. :) - theGypsy posted a message - Sure.... I suppose I can luv it - but 15 DAYS AGO?? Not real fresh bro - I Liked this one; '2) Manipulate publicity and press – use your blog as an outlet for comment and retaliation to press, both good and bad. ' - reminds me of the whole LyndonGate -

Query analysis is all the rage this year oui? - it sure is Dave...whaaaa? talking to myself in a room with 16 other peeps... friggen wierd.... –

theGypsy posted a message - “ I was thinking of starting a weekly gossip rag collumn on the drama at sphinn.... thoughts? Seems to be a ton of material...”
--- "Seems like a good idea to me!" - Andrew Girdwood

theGypsy posted a message - “Another Monday morning Spam fest at Sphinn.... getting carpal tunnel from clicking the spam button... woof!”

Here and there - this guys Avatar is making me hungry... can't quite figure out why.... | Spider Dave on KW research  | Great now we're taking Matt's single comment too friggen far... I hate bandwagons | tad manages to put Google, Calcainis and bullshit all in one post - the bandwagon is out of control


That's a Wrap

Like I said, this was a long time comming as I enjoy the drama that goes on at Sphinn - will there be a second edition and beyond? Who knows, only time will tell how interesting the Sphinn-O-Sphere really is... Be sure to join up to the Sphinn Zone on FriendFeed to take part in the next installment!!




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