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the Sphinn Zone for June 6 2008

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 06 June 2008 08:04

 the Sphinn Zone

My un-official wanderings ordered from the chaos


WTF? The ol Switcherooo – I do think folks hardly read things sometimes. Case and point is this post about KPI’s of SEO which really is nothing really about KPI’s for SEO… and people actually ‘Sphunn’ it..... then it get's interesting...


Then Mochito got jiggy and changed not only the title, but avatar. Goes to show a slightly different angle can always be the prudent trail to follow.

“...very true, a KPI is something you can measure, but i honestly could not find a better word to describe what i meant, so i 'broadened' the definition. Call it 'writer's freedom' or just plain bad english”

…fair enough, gave a Sphinn just for the flexibility… welcome aboard mate!


How NOT to make friends on Sphinn – Loved the comment, “next post on this blog: How to Become an SEO Pariah in 5 posts or less” … note to peeps far and wide… don’t try and create controversy about a respected industry blog with well known and addressed issues… duh…

Mega Round up – considering my love of link round ups and link fests in my posts, one simply MUST highlight Steven’s monthly post. Truly the best round up in the biz!! (here’s the blog post)

Social Media Crack – this warranted inclusion for the off-beat title alone. As for the points made in the post, well that we’ll leave to you fine reader. I for one, still find there is more sizzle than steak in SMM…. But hey, just a search geek – just jealous cause it’s so sexy.. enjoy your crack.

Twitter Spammer – thought this one was funny because the Spam App creator in the post suggests he gets 2000 hits/day from Twitter – problem tho’; his spam account only has 140+ followers (while following 20k)… nice math numb nutz.

Social Spam for Indexation? Speaking of social spam, another post that got some Sphinn merely told people to write a post and spam a bunch of social media sites …. Great indexation tips … for SEO idiots.

Search Action Figures – round two in the series and most certainly note-worthy as it mentions yours truly. There are a few simple ways to get a mention from me… do something funny… and mention you know who … he he…

Search Engine Watch and the XSS hack – this gem was well written, humorous and more than anything educational to the friggen MAX. Great find Ann – original; Get Free Links on Search Engine Watch

Unsung Heroes – Jordan knows how to make it into the SphinnZone; write about yours truly ;0) – I am honoured to be on a list with Spider Dave and Ruud – not too mention pas alumni such as my fav fella Bill Slawski – the Unsung heroes of SEO

Climbing Mount Google – while it didn’t get a ton of luvin’ on Sphinn, I really enjoyed this metaphorical ride from Andy Beard; a guest post over on the Pilgrim – Climbing the heights of Mount Google

Hullo to the sock puppet brigade – this attempted shot to silly stardom came from this chap and some apparent sock puppets… the 12 Sphinns in a short period gave it away…


Spam sandwich
The original article, and user history were dead a give away… it was nuked pretty quick. He needs to learn from The Mochito!



Old Faithful

..these are some of the goodies that simply won’t go away…. Going to need a SphinnZone hall of fame!

Ethical SEO? Who knew? In what has become a recent hot spot, SEO Ethics is back! Once again Jill (Whalen) is back in the thick of things with Harith and others…my fav Whalen quote of the week is….

“You're missing my point, which is that if you always do what's right, in general, i.e., don't be deceptive, you don't need to even look at Google's guidelines.

How do you think we all did SEO before they came out with their guidelines? We certainly didn't (and don't) need rules to tell us how to do it, that's for sure
!” - from Jill

You go girlfriend!!  I really think she enjoys these discussions don’t U?

Black Hat Ethics – while on the topic of ethics, why not get some input from ol Shady that is sure to get the comments flowing in -  Whose rules are they anyways?


Only the first? Debunked? - Seems that there is talk once more about the assertion that only the first anchor text is counted. Anyone else care to test it?

“I wouldn't call it debunked just yet either. It's easy enough to test though, you really should. The more data the better.”  - from mvandemar

Debunked: Only The 1st Anchor Text Counts  (story here )


Google Biatch Slap – in what is hopefully the last of LyndonGate fallout, seems the site has been looked at a little closer by the WebSpam team. Google takes action on Fake Story – tho I liked;

“This is just not a scalable stance. Where will it stop? After all, let's face it, how much of the stuff written in the papers is true?” -  from DaveKeffen


Leggo my Silo – yes kids, once more PageRank sculpting is back in a new adventure that includes such combative quips as;

“Just because it's nofollowed doesn't mean it's not going to get indexed. That's why blog spam still exists to the level it does. It gets you indexed. And how many other sites out there are going to even have that in the title? The company name in the domain?

Opening up one or two powerful-ish links(I know, I know, straying from the template sucks) should be more than enough to rank it.” - from SlightlyShadySEO

Catch all the action with; 8 Reasons against Sculpting PR with NoFollow


Quick Hits from the SphinnZone on FriendFeed

Ann Smarty is a Google Addict!! - Social Media Karma – What Goes Around Comes Around  - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly can ban your Adsense account  - Are SEO Forums Still Needed?  - Do check out Spider Dave's Reputation Management Tool  - I Know It’s Social… But STFU Already!  - 6 Tips to Optimize your RSS Reading Habits dee be dee…. Dats all folks!

Outta here…


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