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the SEO Superlatives Contest

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 26 June 2008 10:47

Have you voted yet?

If you haven’t taken the time to vote on the ‘SEO Superlatives’ contest over on Chris Hooley’s site… be sure to hop on over and take part. But please don’t get serious or whiny about peeps that are missing… it was all just for some fun. You might even find yours truly in a few categories (ha ha ha ha...sigh).... Go Vote Now!

SEO Superlatives



0 # Steven Bradley 2008-06-26 12:33
Not only have I voted, but if I remember right I think I may have even voted for some guy named David Harry. Any relation?
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0 # Dave 2008-06-26 13:15
Yeah.... I am up for some doozies...

SEO you wouldn't take home to mom

SEO most likely to get kicked out of a bar

SEO Ranter...

It's my kinda contest!! :woohoo:
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0 # kay 2008-06-30 11:10
hehe yes i voted for you a few times too david. and if i dont win my category i will be absolutely gutted and fall into a well of low confidence and self esteem thinking everyone hates me and then I'll give it all up and go join some convent in equador or somewhere that doesnt have internet and sex and peoples and stuff...
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