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The trail has been nominated for some SEMMYs

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 20 January 2009 10:54

I wanted to post this yesterday but I was running on a 30hr shift and the lights were dimming inside the theatre of my mind. Given my cheekiness about the meme’s piled on yesterday, there will be nothing but joyous appreciation even if my blog swag is getting a little bloated.

Yesterday, one of my brothers in arms alerted me to this year’s Semmy Awards and the fact that the Trail managed 3 nominations. Of course you’re thinking it would be some bad assed SEO offering or maybe even Analytics but you’d be wrong, it seems my SEO-fu is still in need of more training.

the 2009 SEMMY awards

But it’s not all for naught, as apparently ranting is an awardable offence. Who knew? In this particular category there are not one, but two passionate barbs that made the cut. We’re in tough though, as the stalwarts of mischief and mayhem, Michael Gray and (Ranting) Rae Hoffman have also garnered a pair. Methinks even the pimperati can’t save this cathartic expression artist from falling this time.

Rants nominees from the Semmys 2009;


And while you might think the other nomination would be SEO related (it’s my strong suit isn’t it?) iwas actually in the social media category for; the Value of Social Media Marketing (part II). I am totally screwed on this category as there are a TON of great posts in the list;

I’m not sure how the voting works but I shall definitely let you know when it’s open. Playing the pimperati seems in bad form to me as it means this becomes more about who has the biggest following than actual quality of the posts – which is a tad unsettling. Don’t you think it would be better to have them voted on by a group of our peers? Just sayin’….

And there we go… A big thanks for the gang at the SEMMYs for the nod and as always a HUGE thanks to all the Trail riders. Writing and imparting knowledge can be a task some days, kind words and actions make it all worthwhile!!

If you're into awards or not, there is a TON of great reading - check out the SEMMYs today!!


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