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Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 31 August 2006 12:31

I wanted to post some marketing/advertising news because I like to follow it and find many ‘relevant’ discussions and issues that affect both online and offline business development. This weeks collection covers everything from media self deprecation to Windows Live Marketplace and Advertising staff shortages. Be sure to check out these tidbits.


The Media reports on the Media; I just thought this was cute. It’s a story IN THE MEDIA about those MEDIA bashers that are bashing the MEDIA in the MEDIA and the MEDIA jumping the gun on the Karr arrest recently.
It’s beautiful. Talk about self promotion, er...uh.. self denigration I mean. It does beg the question, if no one in the MEDIA reported or bashed the MEDIA would any body hear? And even though they do, does anybody care? Probably not.; CJR Daily

Windows LIVE Marketplace; The folks at Microsoft recently announced the August 18th release of the new Windows Live Marketplace’ in place or superseding the existing ‘Windows Marketplace’. In either case, the Windows Live Marketplace site is expected to strongly resemble Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace.
On Xbox Live Marketplace, users can download games, trailers, playable demos, themes and the like. Microsoft also uses the site as a showcase for gaming hardware and third-party Xbox games; At eWeek

Online Video – The big bucks are coming; Well in a bit of a follow up to the MySpace and Google ‘DotBomb 2.0’ bit last week it seems the Big Boys are into ANYTHING to do with social networking. I am still on the fence as far as the future of many new ‘fads’, they can’t all stick. Anyways, here’s the goods on some recent moves in the Online Video world; Business Week and at Market Watch

Get a Job in web advertising – NOW!; Well it seems the web is growing faster than the talent pool in the world of online advertising. According to an article in the Financial Times, Of course for those of us ‘old timers’ on the web, we have seen this before as mentioned; “Much like during the 1990s internet boom, there is no ready pool of experienced staff because online media uses are so new. This particularly applies to finding staff to manage the explosion in user-generated content which allows people to copy, edit, communicate and share text, audio and video with ease.” More form the Financial Times


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