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Young Guns of SEO

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 14 February 2008 02:25

Almost by accident I started a series here on the Fire Horse Trail that is dedicated to highlighting and sharing exposure for some of the young grinders in the SEO world for all to enjoy. It began innocently enough as I had asked Gabriel (SEO ROI) if he wanted to pimp his wares over here and then once more when Jordan (Utah SEO Pro) dropped by to play. I then realized a few of the other folks I was talking to were of the temporally disadvantaged variety. The the Young Guns of SEOwheels were in motion…

You see, the reason this place has some eastern influence (Huo Mah = Fire Horse) is because I spent more than twenty years as a student and teacher in the martial arts, it has always been a passion of mine. One of the tenets is that one should always seek to preserve their art form by passing it along (responsibly) to the next generation. I thought to myself that I had a unique and valuable opportunity to try and support the younger set in any way I could to continue the tradition into my latest passion in life; Search Engine Optimization.

People actually read this Blog?

Well, not many really, but what platform I do have here I am more than happy to share with some young energy that may just brighten up the place. The first two instalments are in and I have added a ‘Young Guns of SEO’ navigation to the left hand panel. In the coming weeks I shall be having some more guest riders along to regale us with tales of excitement and edu-tainment of the trails they have been taking in their young careers.

If you know a young SEO that would be worth looking at, let me know.

Not a Youngster but still looking for a chance to get your name out there? Not a problem, the ever entertaining and always amazing Dazzing Donna is taking entries for up and comers of all ages; Check it out!

Until Next time… stay tuned.


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