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White Paper; Google Personalized Search

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 08 December 2009 16:59

Get the goods on Google SERP ranking flux

OK, judging from the reaction to yesterday's post on Google personalized search, it seems that a lot of folks were interested in the nitty gritty of this particular topic. As such I decided to re-publish the white paper we did on this earlier this year. Essentially it was much the same gig, people in SEO circles were spouting doom and gloom around everyone getting a different SERP. We really didn't believe this in my cirlcles and set out to test the theory.

We did a few rounds of testing (first with 25 or so peeps, then with 100 or so) to see exactly what was going on with Google personalized search and rankings flux... We looked at transactional and informational query spaces and also isolated geo-related factors. The results are the basis for the 'chill out' post from yesterday. If you're interested in what we found;

  • After that came out the folks at SEM Synergy (on WebMaster Radio) were kind enough to have me on to state my case - you can listen to that here

Those should get you up to speed.

What's next?

Now, it should be noted that this was earlier this year and as such, we're planning another round. For the record, I personally doubt a great deal has changed. This seems to be a change in presentation (to all users, not just logged in) and not one to the processing (HOW they are personalizing the results).

If you are interested in taking part or getting early access to the results, then be sure to join the SEO Dojo today - because that's where we'll be doing the next round...

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