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We made it through another year

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 27 August 2010 17:24

4 years geeking and still yakking away!

Another year has passed which means it's… blog-iversary time. If you’ve ever wondered about the screwed up domain name (HuoMah = FireHorse) well....

Huo Mah (or Ma) = Ho-ma : (or if you feel adventurous = Who-oh-ma) - It means of course; Fire Horse - and the Blog, inventively enough; the Fire Horse Trail

It stems from my years as an avid practitioner and student of the Martial Arts and Chi-kung. It is merely my Chinese astrological symbol – more on that here.  This should also help clear up my penchant for eastern flavours and honorable offerings as well….

Anyway... on with the party!

To date we've put in some 500+ posts from myself and the guest bloggers and over 3800 comments. Over the last year we had more than 160 000 (unique?) visitors and over 200 000 page views (not including the Dojo).

"I write one page of masterpiece to ninety one pages of shit, I try to put the shit in the wastebasket.”" - - Hemingway


Some high points of the last year

SEO Training Dojo – probably the biggest news, not to mention labour of love, was the launch last fall of our ass kicking SEO community. And the best part? I have probably learned more than I have taught. If is nothing short of AWESOME (inside joke). Here's our mantra!

More SEMMY awards! - We (myself and Dojo peeps) had 14 SEMMY nominations and I was fortunate enough to win in the 'Technical SEO' category... which was super groovy!

WebMaster Radio – I managed more appearances there including once on SEM Synergy and Webcology a few times (3 on each total now)... Which is always a blast. I hope to do more again soon. (it also got me thinking... more on that shortly).

Trail on the grow – another, more recent development, is the addition of new full time writers here on the trail. I am quite stoked about the move and look forward

We Gypsies get around – I have also been writing in a few places including Search Engine Journal, SEO Bullshit, WordStream and coming soon, Search Engine Land. A huge thanks to those folks for having me on!

SEO Dojo Radio - we also recently decided to get vocal with the (Dojo Radio) SEO podcats which was born from the members prodding. We used to hang on voice after Friday Chat and peeps thought our ramblings would be worth sharing (crazy nutters they are). So we are 7 weeks into that experiment.(check it out)


And really, so much more. It might be my advancing age or just the massive amounts of 'awesomeness' that surrounds the place, but I am sure there more I've forgotton. Ultimately what is life without people? The ultimately goodiness that was the previous 12 months...365 days...8760 hours..525 600 minutes... is the great people I have met, and old friends enjoyed. WAY to long a list to put here.. but ya'll just make it worthwhile (and thanks to those special ones that pick me up when I want to give it up)


Popular Posts

Here are some of the more popular posts from the year that was... No, not ordering by what I liked, this is what was getting the most interest;

My Big Ass List of SEO Blogs – man, what a poor choice in title's. Ever since I have been getting search referrers for 'big ass' related queries...sigh.

The SEO guide to Google personalized search – an entry that seems almost an annual thing for me. We looked at how personalization works and where it is headed.

18 Must Follow Link Building Experts on Twitter – this was one of the most popular posts, and short and sweet at that! Much thanks to Melanie on this one.

Google re-ranking and personalized search study– this was a post where we went over some of the data from our last round of research into Google flux and personalizations. And have no fear, we're currently organizing round 3!

Google Analytics tips for SEO – while not really my forte, it was part of a 3 part series I had on some GA goodies for the SEO world. Certainly an area everyone should be up on by now.

YouTube Optimization and Universal Search – is a post from Terry that is still one of the best of it's kind. If you aren't up on Video and Universal, this is a great place to start.

SEO Benchmarks and KPI – back to the data again huh? Here we have a compiled list of measuring metrics that the entire SEO Dojo gang worked on a while back. Great stuff there is deffo strength in numbers! (get it?)

Understanding linking intent; the spam connection – one of the few geeky posts borne from patents/papers to actually make the list of 'most popular' posts from the last year. Come on folks, I know it's boring, but there is GOLD in them thar hills!

Facebook and SEO – and of course, how could this one miss even if it just pood poo'd the whole thang? It has search AND social in it... duh... no brainer. But I did actually anjoy the ride... A worthy addition.

And there are some of the more popular posts from the past year. I say 'popular' because I can't really choose my favs since they're like children to me; I love them all euqally.

Looking ahead

Guess WHo?
It’s a safe bet that the Trail will continue to be active with more uber search geekiness and plenty of new guest riders to keep it interesting. While there isn’t as much ranting going on a there once was, surely something in this whacky industry will get me going at some point as well.

Thanks again to all the fine folks that have supported us, the thousands that promoted the trail and of course the MANY wonderful peeps I have encountered over the years, (easily the best part o’ blogging).


Cya next year…same time, same place – m’kay?


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