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Wandering Gypsy bounces over to Webmaster Radio

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 27 January 2009 03:05

OK gang…. Just wanted to pop in and let you know that the fine folks at Webmaster Radio have asked me to drop in on the SEM Synergy show and talk a little shop. As fate would have it Bruce’s agent’s have captured the fair lady rankings and won’t release her for anything short of Matt confirming bounce rates as a ranking signal – fear not, I have gathered a motley band of search geeks to ride off to see the drama through…

theGypsy stikes out to Webmaster Radio!

Well, it might not be all that, but it should be interesting. My guide for the ride, Virginia, seems keen on talking about personalized search and some of the research we did on re-rankings last fall. As faithful trail folk know, there is every chance that Personalized PageRank may creep in as well.

And let us just hope no one mentions the dreaded bounce rates… it should be interesting.

You can catch the show on Wednesday January 28th : at 3pm EST or 12pm Pacific – SEM Synergy
There is also a good chance of catching up with my merry band in the Chat room afterwards

A big thanks to the gang over at Webmaster Radio for the invite, Bruce for letting me ramble and Virginia for indulging my obsessions - we promise to clean up after our steeds.


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