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Thursday Beer Break Data Edition

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 10 January 2008 22:54

As I was mentioning, this year a slant towards analytics and conversions may not at all be a bad idea for SEO enthusiasts if you haven’t already. To get that trail started I figured I would dedicate this weeks Beer Break to a few tidbits from the world of analytics and conversions… I hope they spark some new thoughts for 2008

Behavioural Targeting Bedfellows – this is an interesting supposition linking Amazon and Toys R Us in a behavioural data sharing arrangement that is nearly creepy. I haven’t had time to experiment with it myself, so I can’t confirm anything from Amazon and Toys R Us Sharing Visitor Data?

The Path to Purchase - overat ComScore ther are details of an interesting study they worked on with Google ob guage the search habits along the path to purchase with; the Importance of Seach Engines in the Path to Purchase

Social Media Metrics – Lunametrics had an interesting post about looking to isolate Social Media traffic to refine the conversion numbers with; Social Media and Conversions – what gives?

Retail Conversion Rates – Marketing Charts released the Top retailers by conversion rate

I told you so – one of the redeeming qualities of Social Media Marketing is that it is all but a virtual Word of Mouth marketing opportunity. Along these lines, eMarketer reported recently that Marketers are missing out on Word of mouth marketing.  

Multivariate testing tops – if you’d like to get a peek inside of the conversions/analytics world be sure to check out O&P’s Top 10 MVT results for 2007

Social Media Stats – the IPR had some interesting data that looks to identify how influence patterns are changing and what communications professionals are doing to address the changes with; New Media, New Influencers and the implications for the PR industry.

What are you doing? - Google System asks, ‘What do you get if you combine Google Web History and Google Analytics?’; the answer (apparently) is a nifty little tool they came across – Rescue Time, Attention Monitoring Tool.

….. until next time… stay tuned.



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