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The future of SEO; search geeks speak!

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 28 October 2009 17:17

SEOs say personalization is the one to watch


If recent indications are anything, then personalization is still the one to watch heading into 2010. In a recent poll in the Dojo, (public) more than 40% of the respondents believed that it will have the greatest impact on the (near) future of SEO.


Scary StuffIt broke down like this;

Which do you feel will have the greatest impact on the future of SEO?

  1. Personalization – 42.3%
  2. Geo-Local – 20.6%
  3. Social Search – 14.4%
  4. Better Link Analysis – 10.3%
  5. Mobile – 6.2%
  6. Vertical Search – 4.1%
  7. Other (not on list) – 2.1%
  8. Maps – 0%

(poll results here)

Considering the poll is a week old, they just might have been onto something with the recent launch of Google Social Search (in Labs) which is most certainly a new level of personalization. We put that with other explicit signal gathering, there is a strong interest in behavioural data.


Beyond that, social search itself comes in at #3. At the number 2 position is another area that is ever increasing; Geo/Local. It has become more and more common to end up talking semantic mark-up such as micro-formats and RDFa with peeps.


Better link analysis’ rounds up the top 4 and with concepts such as page segmentation and personalized PageRank, among others, there is plenty of room for search engines to evolve here as well. All in all some interesting insights from the crowd and for the record? It should be no surprise I went with personalization… gotta love the implicit/explcit data I tells ya!


Feel free to add your own 2c in the comments…


This week’s poll is about the obvious choice this week; what effect will Social Search have on SEO? Drop by the Dojo and take part won’t you?

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