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The end of the internet as we know it by 2012

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 02 June 2008 12:04

Prophecy or Conspiracy theory?

Well here I was strolling through my day and to my surprise, it all may be meaningless in a few years. I Stumbled across a fairly frightening view of where the future of the internet is headed. The video below describes the internet of the future as a subscription model much like cable/satellite television where you pay to access different sites in packages and further fees apply when you want to go outside of those access points.

Here’s the video –


the Future of the Internet?

Now, while it is a tad scary, why wouldn’t some company such as Google or Microsoft want to leap at the chance to get into the ISP business and offer unlimited access to larger web? Is this fear mongering, conspiracy theory, or a sign of things to come?



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