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The Great SEO Scavenger Hunt

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 27 September 2010 16:47

Get more than $7500 in prizes!!

Link Assistant Scavenger Hunt

Hey gang... just a quick note to let ya know we (Dojo and friends) are running a fun little SEO Scavenger hunt contest. The idea is simple, each day this week you will get a clue from the Link Assistant blog.

You need to use yer geekin' search skilz to find the easter egg each of the days. As the week progresses, so do the prizes. In total we've tolled together nearly $8000 in loot!! And don't worry, we're keeping it (fairly) easy on ya'll.

This was a little bit of fun that myself, the WordStream, Link Assistant and SEM Rush boys cobbled together for your entertainment. The contest started today and you can now find the details and the first clue over on the LA Blog... check it out NOW!

Learn More about the contest - Get started looking for Day One clues...


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