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The Google V. Paid Links mega coverage for addicts and space cadets

Written by David Harry   
Saturday, 13 October 2007 05:10



OK, in my post about Link Building, I had mentioned that I wasn’t getting into the whole Paid Link debate. The main reason is because it has been covered ad-naseau lately in the SEO/internet marketing world. I do try not to get onto bandwagons that are getting plenty of spin in the circle jerk of Blog happy industry cohorts. How many opinions does any single topic deserve anyways?

I was just sitting here and got to thinking about the fact that I do have a mix of noobs and old hands that drop by here. Some people may not even know what I am on about as far as the paid link debate( highly doubtful). So, in the spirit of fair play, I figured I dig up some of the many posts that have dealt with the whole ‘Paid Links are Evil’ territory.

For those of you that have been living under your car or folks that are completely addicted and simply can’t get enough I give you;

A shit load of Paid Links Brew Ha HA coverage;

How to report paid links - from Matt Cutts

The Paid link debate at SES - the debate from SES

...the fallout

Google has no Clue which links are paid - Small Business SEM

Paid Links Debate; Experts Weigh In - Search Marketing Gurus

Paid Link Reporting; Finally getting some answers - Mearch Marketing Standard

20 Ways to Get Legit Paid Links Without Getting Penalized by Google - SEO 2.0

How Google Determines Paid Links - Saloonix (Cartoon)

The FUD effect - Search Engine Guide

Dancing with the Gevil - Penalty confirmed – I don’t sell PageRank - Andy Beard

Official: Paid links can hurt your rankings on Google - Search Engine Land

Google penalizes for paid links and promoting yourself - Yack Yack SEO

Google and Link Selling - Search Engine Journal

Paid link industry needs to go underground - Search Rank Blog

Paid Links; the debate that just won't go away - Dave Naylor

Google punished my site for selling links - NOT! - from Jim Boykins

How to rent a ½ Million links under the radar - Aaron at SEO Book

Google doesn’t know the Face of Evil - from Sugarrae

How to find a paid link - Tim Nash; Payment Blogger

Tim Nash; Serial link seller - Tim again... he he

Google Slaps Tim Nash - SEO Cog

The David Airey Affair - Part I and Part II

Paid links aren’t going nowhere - Search Engine Journal

I welcome our new SEO Overlords - Dan Thies

Selling Links; How to avoid a penalty - Marketing Pilgrim

What is more evil; Google or Paid Links? - The Van Blog

Google is selling Paid Links for $1995 - SEO Refugee


… and that’s about it for my coverage on this ‘Hot Topic’. There are plenty more out there, this is just a smattering to feed the need!


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