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Sour grapes and my wrath

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 31 March 2008 10:48


Ok, so someone was making a bit of a hoop-la about Guy Kawasaki’s new aggregator site; allTop (hee hee Hiya K). I went over to have a look and well…. seeing the ‘SEO Category’ - some problems with it jump right out at me;

wah wah wah

  1. I am not on it, let’s get that out of the way…major problem (bwaha ha haha, but seriously :)
  2. Matt Cutts? When is the last time that guy wrote consistently about SEO? Whaaaa?
  3. ShoeMoney? How’d he get in there? He even says he doesn’t know a ton about SEO.
  4. John Batelle? Whaaaaaa?? I have him in my reader…mini-posts, not much search, never mind SEO.
  5. ThreadWatcher? Last post August of 2007?
  6. Performancing…erm… love em, but not a lot of SEO stuff.
  7. SEO Contest 2008 ?? Nuff said
  8. Cross-over – there is a lot of PPC/SEM/SMM cross-over. It does say SEO there (yeah being picky). Make separate categories or rename this one.
  9. …..and of course,once again… I am not on it , but more importantly neither are other actual quality folks like Michael Martinez, Weip Knoll, Debra Mastaler, Jill Whalen…U get the idea... I'd trade in some of the above for those fine folks.(now added see below)

My point is that while some of them are debate-able, there are omissions more worthy than some of those on the list. So while it is a nice list there Guy, I’d be looking at a few of the suspect choices as it comes off as the usual popularity contest more than a true desire to deliver quality resources. Also, maybe re-name it to SEM if you want to keep the cross over stuff, it simply muddies things more than they are already. Pffffttt!! I guess I will just have to come up with my own list then …so there. Gonna take my marbles and go home…waaaaaaaahhhh…(or maybe not since Guy is so accomodating ;0)

hee hee...*sigh* …. Just my 2 cents on a Monday morning.

ADDED: Ok, seems someone passed my sour whine out to the web-o-sphere and Guy has graciously given in to my nag. Thanks Guy for adding some more of our great minds (above) and even considering this rider for inclusion in the posse :0)  --- Trail Badge Added, but I still get to wine

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