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Search Marketing round up June 27

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 27 June 2008 08:54

Google, Ooogle, Schmoogle... as usual, lots of the big G in the news

The latest news from the Search Marketing Room at FriendFeed

Top 10 Online Retailers by Conversion Rate - May 2008 - Marketing Charts
Web Analytics - Behavioral Segmentation - SEMphonic
Google's Cutts: Good directions drive traffic to your website - USA Today; submitted by Maikel González
Stats, Reality and Google's New Tool - SEO and Tech Daily; submitted by Charlie Anzman
Google The "Moral Compass" Of The US Justice System? - Search Engine Land
The 5 Business Models of SEO - Pros & Cons, Discover the One For You - Winning the Web
Google started using its Monopolistic Powers? Do No Evil? - Web Analysis
Mr. Google, Tear Down This Google Trends Wall! - Search Engine Land
Sources: Microsoft And Yahoo Talks Back On - TechCrunch
Detailed Screen Shots of Google's New Ad Planner :: Wow! - Barry Schwartz
The Evil Side of Google? Exploring Google's User Data Collection - SEOmoz
Visual Search The Future? Spare Me The Eye Candy - Search Engine Land
Google test new iGoogle Homepage - Google System


The latest news from the Learn SEO Room at FriendFeed

Fun Interview with "Utah SEO Pro" Jordan Kasteler - submitted by Brian Carter
Google Defends Bad Link Theory - SE Roundtable; submitted by Liam Delahunty
Jordan Kasteler is speaking everywhere!! - submitted by Garrett Pierson
Website Transition Planning Critical When Making Changes - SearchEnginePeople; submitted by SpostareDuro
What's a 404 to Do? - Search Engine Land
Do link spammers leave footprints? - the FireHorse Trail
301 Redirect Explained - Shimon Sandler; submitted by Garrett Pierson
Moving a domain with minimal ranking loss and downtime - Search Engine Guide
Shine A Light - How to explain link-theory to a layman - SEOpscenter
Sweet Article about "Increasing Your Site Crawl Rate" - Search Engine Journal; submitted by Garrett Pierson

Search Patents for the Week


Targeted Content Request (ad serving)
Determining equivalent descriptions for an information need (re-publication)


Social knowledge system content quality (ok, so it's not search)
Method and system for progressive disclosure of search results
Method and apparatus for creating user-generated document feedback to improve search relevancy



Visualization and navigation of search results
Search, Analysis and Comparison of Content
Cloaking detection utilizing popularity and market value


... and that's it for this week. I hope it was a productive week for all of ya and I look forward to seeing you on the trails!


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