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Search Marketing round up June 21

Written by David Harry   
Saturday, 21 June 2008 08:07

Latest Search News

From the Search Marketing Room on FriendFeed

SES Toronto: SEO Don’ts, Myths and Scams - TopRank
Google Trends Comes To Web Sites: Trends For Web Sites - Search Engine Land
XML Sitemaps: The Most Overrated SEO Tactic Ever - Small Business SEM
Faces and Landmarks: Two Steps Towards Smarter Image Searches - SEM ClubHouse (sub by SpostareDuro )
5 Great (Free) Web Analytics Tools You Might Not Know About Yet - Web Analytics World
Landing Page Testing: How Much Is Too Much? - Search Engine Land
Compete: Google Keeps Stomping The Others In Search Traffic - SEL
Donna's big list of Search Bloggers - SEO Scoop
Linkbait Crashes New Google TruthRank Algorithm, Saves the World Schmearch - (sub by Brian Carter )


From the Learn SEO Room on FriendFeed

Google Defends Bad Link Theory - Competitors Can't Hurt You - SE Roundtable (sub by Liam Delahunty )
The Evolution Of The Modern SEO - Van SEO Design
Link Blocking Strategies That Provide Maximum Impact On Your SEO Campaign - Search Engine Guide
301 Redirect Explained - Shimon Sandler (sub by Garrett Pierson)
An SEO Framework that Works - Conversation Marketing
Understanding The SEO Site Review Process - Bruce Clay
the Art of Google PageRank Sculpting - Search Engine Journal
Local Search Ranking Factors - David Mihm
Blog Farms and Black Hat SEO SEO Theory
The Glory of Absolute Linking (As Opposed to that Relative Linking Crap!) - Search Engine Guide
How Google Universal Search and Blended Results May Work - SEO by the Sea


Patent Bending 101


User behavioral reporting based on pre-aggregated activity data
Video search and indexing systems and methods
Transferring behavioral profiles anonymously across domains for behavioral targeting


Detecting webspam from changes to links of websites
Bringing user specific relevance to data searches
Filtering search results by grade level readability
System and process for automatically explaining probabilistic predictions


...and that's it for this week... until next time; Stay tuned


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