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Search Marketing Round Up July 18

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 18 July 2008 10:29

Latest Search Marketing News from the SEM Room on FriendFeed

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Video Optimization and Analytics: A closer look at YouTube Insight - 10e20
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Conversion and PPC: Can you start small? - Luna Metrics
Google playing with voting buttons again- TechCrunch
The fallacy of SEO celebrity - Top Rank
SEO Feasability - when it's a good idea and isn't - Hamlet Batista Blog


Latest SEO news from the Learn SEO Room at FriendFeed

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Search Engines and Link Reputation: What’s Yours? - Jeffery Smith (Sub by Garrett Pierson)
Will It Float? A guide to getting Google to love you - SEOpscenter
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the Techologies behind Google Rankings - Google Blog
A FAQ about SEO. Helpful for non techie customers. - Mass Media Design (sub by Gregor Spowart )


Patent Bending 101


Presentation of Local Results
Expandable Homepage Modules
Providing Relevance-Ordered Categories of Information
Location in search queries
Named URL entry



Optimization framework for association of advertisements with sequential media
Canonicalization of terms in a keyword-based presentation system



Paraphrasing the web by search-based data collection
Efficient paging of search query results
Indexing and ranking processes for directory assistance services
Context based search and document retrieval


...and that's it for another week.... since we had a video submitted ( by Andy Roberts ) to the Learn SEO Room... I leave you some viewing;

Does Google suggest change human behavior?

And Matt Cutts on Web Spam


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