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Search Geeks Speak; Universal WTF?

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 31 May 2010 16:35

Yup... or at least that was my perception of it. You see over the last 8 or or so months of running polls they generally last a week or so and have on average 60 or so votes. Sure, not a massive sampling, but it does give some interesting data in aggregate.

Our last poll? Oh my. We left it up more than 2 weeks, poke and prodded members and the general public as well... And at the end of the day it seems it was an area not well targeted by many in the SEO world; Universal Search. It seems a lot of folks simply didn't have a Universal Search strategy. It was like pulling teeth I tells ya!

Which universal search element to you most commonly target?

And the results were (finally got 54 votes);

  • 29.6% Local
  • 20.4% News
  • 14.8% Video
  • 11.1% Social
  • 9.3% Images
  • 5.6% Real Time
  • 5.6% I don't actively target Universal
  • 3.7% Shopping

It is no surprise that local topped the list as peeps had said it was an area of interest for 2010 in an earlier poll. We also know that video SEO was a weakness many had from a poll in Feb. It is though interesting that not many seemed to take the 'shopping' very seriously either as it does tie in with local these days... hmmmm...

Also interesting to me was that the world of Social Search and Real Time were getting nearly 17% when it is a finicky area at best.


Get ahead of the pack

We often discuss SEO competitiveness in terms of how strong a given query space is. It is also important to take note of trends such as we see in these polls as well. In case you hadn't notice we've been talking about Universal Search and Video SEO around here a fair bit lately. That's because it really doesn't seem to be common in a lot of folks SEO programs.

I would start to look at Video and Shopping strategies if you aren't already. And of course tie in with some local... It does seem to be some areas that aren't going to be as competitive given what we're learning here.


On to the next poll

This week we're almost expanding on the video aspects with a poll on Google TV... be sure to drop over to the Dojo and vote on it (right hand side). The early results are here. Any additional thoughts, feel free to leave them in the comments


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