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Search Geeks Speak; Common Link Building Approaches

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 12:53

A few weeks ago we had a poll that looked to better understand where SEO’s are weakest technically. The front runner in that one was ‘Link Building’. Ok, so we thought we might as well follow that up with a poll on common link building approaches to get a better idea of what was going on out there.

What types of link building do you most actively use?

Was the question and here’s how the answers played out;

  1. Content strategy (content/syndication/social) - 21.7%   
  2. Social media/networking (social sites/forums etc..) - 18.8%      
  3. Foundational (article marketing/directories) - 15.9%     
  4. Paid links - 8.7%         
  5. Comment links - 8.7%
  6. Link bait/magnets (contests, tools, etc..) - 7.2%           
  7. Outreach (bloggers, email lists etc..) - 5.8%     
  8. Guest blogging (content placement) - 4.3%      
  9. Reciprocal linking - 2.9%         
  10. Link Wheels (free blogs/social/Squido etc..) - 2.9%     
  11. Link spamming (automated) - 2.9%     

Getting Social

This one was interesting in that, probably not all that surprising, social seems to be the flavour de jour. I am personally big on using a solid content strategy in SEO (and for links) but am not as overly concerned with getting actual links from social sites themselves (#2). For me social is more about the secondary links.

Begs the question though, will content and syndication alone garner one links? Or at least enough links to make it a viable first choice?

Other Notables

I am not surprised that ‘Article marketing/Directories’ were also high up, as in past polls we’d learned that SEOs still use directories, but are more stringent in the types they will use. This was mostly for a select few and niche ones. Something I don’t mind as long as it is a foundation, not the focus of a program.

Paid Links? Sure, I can see that now and again in some of the more competitive spaces. But as a primary, or most common method? Not so sure. And most certainly comment spamming wouldn’t be one of my primary approaches. Actually, can’t say I’ve ever used commenting at all… sure, as part of an outreach program, but not for the links themselves.

Speaking of outreach, that one was fairly low as was link bait. Seems just yesterday that link bait was all the rage in the SEO world….oh how times have changed. Or has that just evolved more into the realm of content strategy? Not sure on that… We will dig deeper there at a later date.

Until Next Time

All in all it was some interesting info. I bears noting that this was ‘most common’. Each market and website are going to have unique requirements. I wouldn’t take this to heart and start using top ranked tactics just for the sake of doing it. If anything, I’d advise looking at ALL the options when assessing the requirements of a link building program. You knew that already right?

Anyway, just thought the data was somewhat interesting and worth noting… Have any thoughts on it, drop 'em in the comments and be sure to take this week's poll (right hand side) - Do Rankings Matter in Modern SEO? (early results here)


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