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SEOs Speak; the affects of Social Search

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 15 December 2009 15:08

When it comes to the Dojo Polls, I am starting to think our visitors (and members) know a thing or two. The last poll dealt with the future of SEO and most of the respondents said; Personaliation. That is certainly intersting given the recent developments.

This time out we decided to talk about another recent development; Social Search. In this poll we asked people - "How will Google Social Search affect SEO?".

Here's the results;

  • 47.1% It will be just another vertical to cover
  • 23.5% It will have a significant impact
  • 15.7% The impact will be limited
  • 11.8% I have no idea, too busy working to play with it yet
  • 2% Not at all, it's just a fad

Although it is still in Google Labs, it seems that most SEOs do believe it will be a part of the landscape in the near future. That being said, nearly 1/2 of them don't think that this one is a game changer (so much for the doom-and-gloom crowd). On a personal (pun intended) level I am unsure how much impact it will have because it's not in the wild yet and we don't know the proliferation across varied query types.

This week we talking about personalized (specifically) and what affect the recent expansion of it from Google will have. Please do drop by the Dojo to vote - the results so far are here.


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