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SEO ranting or link nepotism?

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 24 September 2007 23:17

Whatta freakin Hoot!! I am pretty sure there aren’t more than 10 of you that actually read my rants, but you all should know of my recent rants against Bad SEO and the providers serving up the delectable plates of steamy BS with it. Right?

3waydiv.gifI was watching my reader and saw a post that was ranting about a fella ranting about Bad SEO…. Now that’s a new one!!! Maybe if some one actually paid attention to this Gypsy’s rants they’d be working together against the common foe instead of baiting each other…. Or it could be more of that famous SEO nepotism? This jaded observer can’t tell anymore.

It started with Greg’s rant about SEO Fruadsters to which the Guru posted his thoughts on Greg’s thoughts…. So a rant about a rant… he he…. At which point Greg tried to clear things up.

While I obviously applaud anyone looking to kick a little ShadySEO butt ( a Matt Cutts property.. he he) … I think some of Greg’s points are highly debateable (in SEO? Go figure…).. I kinda wonder why the Guru would freakin’ care? I think most of the SEO posts that pass my reader everyday are old things being written about one more time or Title Bait and/or Lists… which we know I hate lists right?

I tend to look at the over-all service provider and various techniques than I do the over-all industry stuff that is open to personal interpretation. Simply because an SEO does things differently than I, believes in different levels of importance on ranking/weighting, doesn’t really mean they are shoddy or fraudulent. Just because I think it is bad SEO, doens't mean anyone else has to. I dare say I would be hard pressed to call folks I look at in my Bad SEO articles a fraud in as much as many are simply ignorant, in my opinion. Some may be, but certainly not in the 90% area ( I hope).

In the end, Greg may have wanted to approached the piece from a IMO kind of stance and the Guru should care less since there are far more dangerous, useless and misleading examples of SEO garbage out there, to truly rant on… but we all know high profile ranting is far more lucrative, he he… would it get much attention if the Guru went off on a little guy? Probably not.

Maybe it’s all simply contrived for a little ‘link nepotism’ and I am the one who has been had???

I dunno….. either way I simply thought it was funny… see what U think.


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