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SEO myths and crap; the results are in!

Written by David Harry   
Wednesday, 03 February 2010 17:46

Just for fun and because well, there are some many things that piss my off any given week, we ran a poll recently on the myths and crap out there. More tongue in cheek than meant as a serious study, it is fun to see what the SEO community feels about the whole thing.

Actually, we had more suggestions for myths to include (culled via Twitter) than we could fit in the poll. I shall certainly be putting a post together to wrap ‘em all up neatly for ye in the near future. For now, have some fun with the results (after 91 votes)

Which SEO myth/crap makes you laugh/scream the most?

  1. 18.7% Submitting to search engines
  2. 18.7% SEO is dead
  3. 14.3% Keyword density X%
  4. 13.2% PPC affects organic
  5. 11%  Get indexed in a 24hrs!
  6. 9.9%  U believe in ALL (aka smart ass)
  7. 8.8%  LSI and Google

And there were more…. See the full results here.

It was interesting to see the ever-lovin’ ‘Submitting to Search Engines’ right up there with ‘SEO is dead’… some premo crapola to be sure. I for one would have liked to see the ‘LSI’ garbage higher… but hey, I would be like that. This week’s poll is about testing…. We’re curious what SEOs want to see researched so we can start organizing which things to work on first.

Take the poll in the SEO Training Dojo ; What would you like to see tested/researched first? (right hand side)

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0 # Seodeluxe 2010-02-04 08:45
SEO will never die! :eyebrow:
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-1 # SEM Antics 2010-02-04 22:39
Surprised that Submit to search engines was so high, was expecting to see Get indexed in 24 hours a bit higher!

My personal fav? H1 tags... :grr:
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0 # SEO Company Pune 2010-02-05 12:39
Thanks for clearing our myths and giving new ideas
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0 # Henri 2010-02-05 20:39
I'm happy I came across this. I just read another blog that claimed copywriting wasn't important for SEO. Maybe you should add that to your list!
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0 # John 2010-02-06 19:56
Makes one wonder - how those people still get businesses though I come across many sites and so called companies who charge clients exorbitant rates just for SE submissions.
There are also people who introduce themselves as SEOs and do nothing but PPC campaigns. XD

Wish this pool is read by as many of those SEOs as well as naive webmasters.
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