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SEO Training Dojo Turns One

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 25 October 2010 16:19

And gets a new home!

Hi there, I promised I'd be back, and I am. Back on Friday I was lamenting the convoluted nature of this site and how we were working on fixing that. We looked at how we launched Search News Central for the authors, and we hinted at changes for the SEO Dojo. Well, we've done just that.

As part of the SEO Training Dojo's first birthday, it got a new home (domain) off of the site (at We've also done considerable renovations as per our members input along the way. It's been a lot of work, but I can start to finally call the Trail home again.

New SEO Training Dojo


Membership Discounts

Also as par tof the birthday celebrations we also are going to be giving 35% off subscription rates for ONE WEEK. This is definately the time to get in if you've been thinking about it. I have a feeling it will be getting very busy in there real soon. Here's some details to get you up to speed;

I would sit here and write some more but to be honest? I am freakin' exhausted! Launching two sites in two weeks if enough to drive ya nuts (and lose yer wife and kids). Thanks as always to all my friends, Dojo mates and supporters. Life has made some big changes lately, I can't wait until the dust settles.

Go check out my new toys;

Search News Central
The SEO Training I am gonna get some rest before I fall over. Stay tuned for - The Art of War; SEO Style


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