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SEO Handbook 2009; year of the Ox

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 26 January 2009 02:50

Good day to you my meandering multitude of mighty web warriors, January is coming to a close, the new year is rising (gong he fa choy!) and it’s time for me to liberate this year’s edition of the SEO Handbook (2009). For added fun, I’ve released a new ebook – the Link Builder’s Edition!! Yes yes…. Thanks… hold the applause for the moment won’t you? hee - hee.. Enjoy the excitement while it lasts, we won't be flogging it around here that often moving forward - preaching to the choir and all that.

the SEO Handbooks


Now, for the uninitiated, here’s the lowdown on the two books;

The SEO Handbook – this is our beginners guide to learning the basics. It is great for webmasters, internet marketers and pretty much anyone looking to get the essentials under their belt.

The SEO Handbook: Link building Edition – our newest offering covers one of the more important areas of study in SEO. This book is geared towards the intermediate optimizer that already understands the core concepts.


Spread the good word – the Art of SEO

Now, for you uber SEO geeks, these might be a bit on the easy reading side although the link builder’s guide should have something for everyone. I am already working on something special for those Trail riders that want something with a little more bite – wandering away from the lighter side. For now, there's a second one done and a start on a third - so far so fun (we even have an affiliate program - hint hint).

And that’s going to about do it for the pimperati action on this one. Writing the new ebook on link building was as always, challenging and enjoyable – I hope, with the help of others, to write some more this year on other areas of the optimization process. Thanks ever so much to the folks that helped me with the books and have supported them over the years. Be sure to stay tuned as there should be a meatier offering for the rabid SEOs in the coming months.


FREE Copy of the SEO Handbook; Link builders edition

NOW CLOSED - The first 30 peeps to leave a comment on this post will get a FREE copy of the latest addition (if interested).

Second Chance - we have our 30 comments - So now for my Tweeples.. the next 30 people to use (hashtag) #SEOhandbook and a link to : ALSO NOW CLOSED - I will use the first 30 from the Twitter Search for the HASTAG

I am very keen on getting feedback from my Trail riders – so just chime in with a comment and I shall send a free copy over to you!!

Thanks for listening; we’ll be returning to our regular programming shortly!


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