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SEO Geeks Picks 09; Top posts

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 05 January 2010 18:17

As we’re getting into the New Year, I decided to have a look back through the archives of the SEO Geeks newsletter and round up some of the best posts (to me) from the past year. And let me tell you, it was quite the undertaking. I must go through hundreds of RSS reader each week and after nearly 40 weeks, there is a TON of goodiness to go around.

Let it be noted that these aren’t really THE BEST posts, but more in-line with what I felt were the most noteworthy, entertaining or otherwise valuable from the past year. It is not always about the most popular posts that hold the test of time. There are a few nuggets from the more unknown in here as well as people you already know. I wanted to give you a collection that will, in most cases, hold value into 2010.

The best of SEO Posts of 2009

There is no science… it doesn’t have to be comprehensive, merely important. For this first instalment we’re looking at what I felt were the best or most noteworthy posts from 2009. We will then look at some specifics, (such as Local, Social, Tools and more). They are in no particular order… mostly chronological.

Without further adieu, here’s some reading that is a MUST in case you’ve missed them;

My Picks;

Runners Up;

Search Geek Central

The second category for today is what we call; Search Geek Central. These posts are ones that are on the more geekier side of search. Any long time trail reader knows the affinity I have for this stuff (and you should too)…. And here are some of the more interesting ones from 2009.

My Picks;

Runners Up;

And there we have it… that should keep you busy. Next time out (tomorrow) we’ll be looking at the more interesting News stories, local SEO and Social Search posts from the past year.After that we still have Tools and Videos as well as Search Patents from the big 3(?).

Until then… happy trails and enjoy the readin’

Top Picks 09 Series;

Top SEO posts from 2009
Google Search Patents 2009
Yahoo Search Patents
Microsoft Search Patents 2009
SEO News 2009
Local, Social and Tools 09
SEO Videos 09

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