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SEO Geeks Picks 09; Search on Video

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 07 January 2010 16:54

And here we are, the last in our series wrapping up the SEO world for 2009. In this installment we're going to go through some of the more interesting Videos from the last 12 months. Some are funny, REAL funny, while others are more technically inclined. And of course we have a good helping of ol Matt Cutts too (loves the camera these days)…

Anyhoo… here’s some interesting tidbits from the past 12


SEO on Video 2009


Fake Matt Cutts on backlinks, PageRank and more! - This one was waaaayyy to funny! By far my fav of the year.


Steve Catches a Frauder - This one, wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry…


Ok, let’s get serious …

Twitter WTF? - Why is Twitter Called a Threat to Google? - Google Tech Talks


Google I/O 2009 - Site Review by the Experts (Matt Cutts)


Using social media to create links – Stephan Spencer


How RDFa Can Help to Democratise Data on the web – Google tech talks


Search Stuff






Cutts Corner

As has become the norm over the last few years, ol Matt was hard at it in 2009. Now, believe it or not, these aren’t ALL of them. These are merely the ones I thought were of interest beyond the mundane.


Oh and hey… did you know I keep a public library of videos I come across? Most of these (and more) can be found in the SEO Dojo Video Library – if you like to listen/watch vids from time to time… bookmark it!

And there we have it… there are all the best of the best, from my perspective, from 2009. Yes, there are likely a TON of other goodies that I’ve missed, but it’s something at least. One of the best parts of publishing the newsletter is being able to chronicle the SEO industry as it evolves. I hope you enjoyed the ride…Now let’s make some news for 2k10 shall we?


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