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SEO Dojo T-shirts for Search Warriors

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 03 June 2010 13:05

Tell us which are your favs!

A while back a bunch of the Dojo geeks were asking about some goodies they could sport around the office, conferences and elsewhere ( we won't even ask where Rob is wearing his). So we set about playing with some ideas... I am posting them hear in hopes that you can help out by posting your 3 favourites in the comments.

We shall narrow it down from there. First the basics (no need to vote on these, we'll have 'em)

1. the SEO Dojo

SEO Dojo

2. Seriously Obsessed Search Geek


Now we can get into some of the more... erm... 'creative' designs we came up with;

3. All Positions

All Positions

4. Doing Nothing

5. Don't be a Dork

6. Geek to Me

7. Hidden Text

8. Kick Ass

9. More U Train

10. Rank Your World

11. Caonical Tag

12. Right to be Heard

13. Rocket Science

14. Search Engine Oportunist

15. STFU

16. Server Error

17. Blackmail for Backlinks

18. MEH


And there we have it... sure, there are a lot of them, but we were just having too damned much fun coming up with them. If you don't mind taking a few moments please do comment on which ones are your favs. It would be greatly appreciated.

Next? We can look at types of T's, hoodies etc... all fun stuff. Stay Tuned.

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