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SEO Dojo Radio - the great link building debate

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 29 July 2010 15:57

The podcast for search geeks!

This week's episode of SEO Dojo radio is now available. We're now in our fourth week and things are steadily getting better on the production side of things, (or at least I like to think so). Justin wasn't available for the 'regulars' so it was just me, Steve and Terry this week (listen in NOW) - Here's some of the goodies we dug into;

Is link building SEO? - we discuss the age-old debate of where link building fits into the marketing mix. Is it part of SEO? Or is it a separate discipline? The regulars dig in to it as well as getting Barry into the act in second part of the show today. Always a controversial discussion.

Search and Social – we're also talking about how search and social work together. Many say the lines are blurring. Are they? Or do they each have distinct purposes and approaches? We'll hash it out! And for fun we had a laugh about a blogger that said if you don't have a Twitter account, Google will devalue your site... WTF???

Google Patent Trail – we're also going to look at the recent post on the Trail which looked for any correlations between the last 2.5 years of patents and the direction Google is headed. It could be an entire show on it's own... we'll do what we can.

SEO Dojo Radio Hosts

Talking Google News

In the second part of the show today we're having Barry Adams from the Great Websites blog and works at . He works at Pierce Communications and deals with some major newspapers. As such we'll be asking him about his (extensive) knowledge of Google News. Barry recently hosted an SEO Dojo chat session (held each Friday) on the topic and knocked it out of the park. So, we couldn't resist having him on to expand on it all.

Barry Adams


All in all it was another great time and somewhat entertaining. If you have suggestions on ways we can improve or guests you want to see us have on, leave them in the comments here. Oh and a HUGE thanks to Rebekah May for creating our very own theme music. That was pretty damned cool of her.

You can listen to the show here!


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