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SEO Dojo Radio highlights

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 22 July 2010 14:20

Our little venture into the world of podcasting continued this week over on SEO Dojo Radio. This week have had two broadcasts with our regular weekly show and a special edition with Dana Lookadoo reporting from Blue Glass LA (internet marketing conference).

Dana Does Blue Glass

In this show we had one of our fav Dojo members and prolific conference hound, Dana Lookadoo. Dana joined us from Glue Glass LA to fill us in on some of the key take-aways and convresations over the first day and a half. It was fun and informative, she makes a great reporter. A big thanks and we look forward to having her back on from other events.

Give it a listen HERE.

Dana from Blue Glass LA


Dojo Radio News

And today we posted our weekly session of news, views and the guest of the week. I was another fun session in which we talked about ;

  • Google Webmaster Tools – is that data for real?
  • Yahoo link data – will the SEO world's tools be broken?
  • Google v Bing – is there any point optimizing for Bing?
  • Google's Meta Web purchase – what will it mean for the future?
  • Search Nuetrality – the Government shouldn't regulate algos..nuff said.

The regular radio show hosts

Talking to Tony

And in the second half of the show we had Tony Verre on to talk to us about the research (and posts on the Trail) that he did on the differences between Google and Bing. We also talked strategy, SEO reporting and otherwise just dug into the world of search. Tony is a smart cookie (for a 3g hehe) and it was a fun time.

Tony Verre

A huge thanks as always to all those that helped out this week and I look forward to more and more great sessions in the future. We're slowly getting the hand of this – I hope you can live with our growing pains. GIVE IT A LISTEN!

If you have ideas for guests we should have on, topics we should cover – drop me a line or comment.


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