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SEO Dojo Memberships Available

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 07 May 2009 18:46

Come join us in the SEO Dojo

We're almost happy enough with the SEO Dojo to release it out into the wild - ALMOST - We're opening the gates once again and allowing new member registration for the next 24hrs or 50 new members (which ever comes first). --- UPDATE --- (Sorry... we're now closed again)

What is the SEO Dojo?

In case you didn't know, we started creating a private community and learning center for the seriously obsessed search geeks and those with an interest in search engine optimization. If you want you can learn more about the Dojo and the Community (from those links).


Who is the SEO Dojo for??

  • Those looking increase their SEO knowledge
  • Great for webmasters and site owners
  • Professional SEOs looking for cutting edge advice
  • It’s for people looking to interact with other SEO enthusiasts
  • For webmasters and site owners seeking advice from top professionals
  • Can be used to find cross site promotions
  • A place for agency SEOs to talk shop
  • For professional SEOs in need of a supportive environment.


Who is it NOT for?


  • Beginners as we are here to talk about more than the basics.
  • Tool obsessed search geeks that want to pay for the latest toy.
  • Forum lurkers; you need to participate to gain value.
  • Egos and rock stars; we’re all treated equally.
  • Link droppers and self promoters, that’s why it’s private :0)


Now that registration is once again closed, be sure to hook up with the SEO Geeks Newsletter for final launch dates and discounts.


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