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SEO Dojo Launch Date Announced

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 13 October 2009 13:31

Hey Gang, I wanted to pass along some exciting news (for me at least...hehe). Over the last while we’ve been quietly building a community for SEO geeks and warriors called; the SEO Dojo. It all started back earlier this year when some fellow search geeks and I had been talking about having a place where SEO professionals (and webmasters) could hang out and talk shop. So we built one.

SEO Dojo Training for Search Warriors

In my youth, training/teaching martial arts was a big part of my life and so the SEO Dojo was built with the same credo; ‘We’re all teachers and we’re all students’. There are no egos and it isn’t a competition. There is always someone that knows more, (or different areas) than you do, and there are those with less knowledge. It is by working together, and exhanging ideas that we can achieve the best results.

(Learn more about the membership program here)

Monday October 19th 2009 is the day

After many months of hanging out and building the offering, we’re thrilled to announce we’re setting it loose into the wild next Monday. Our goal is to offer a (gated) commuity that SEOs will feel comfortable talking tactics, strategy and even participate in the latest industry chatter.

If you’re interested in learning more…. Use the following links;

We have taken our time in building this community and struggled even with what we wanted to do with it ultimately. To ensure the quality of the individuals and avoid spam, it will be a closed door affair. We’ve had 100 great SEO and webmaster related peeps in there for the last while and the evolution of the SEO Dojo, was greatly enhanced from the interactions.

As for me, it has been a truly exhausting experience at times and it will be nice to get the maiden voyage underway.

Watch for discounts

As part of the launch next week we’ll be offering some discounts to the early birds that get on board early. If you want to make sure YOU get the specials be sure to get hooked up with the SEO Geeks Newsletter or watch the SEO Dojo on Twitter for more.

I want to thank all of those that have helped build the Dojo and to those that are sponsoring the effort. You folks just ROCK!!

We hope to see you there!

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