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Project Jump Start 09

Written by David Harry   
Tuesday, 06 January 2009 08:06

Project Jump Start 09

A challenge to give back to those with a dream

Well gang we’re well into 2009 now and as part of my quest to give back and help others I have an interesting tidbit I’d like to share with you today.

Last week while making the rounds I noticed my good pal Dazzlin Donna (Fontenot) was launching ‘Project Jump Start ‘09’which is a program she came up with to give a little something to would be web entrepreneurs.  Inspired by the she writes;

I’m going to hand $25 (US) to one of you, and each and every month for the entire year of 2009, someone else will get $25. I want to help one person per month start their dream idea online. With $25 cash paid into a Paypal account, someone can purchase a domain name and 3 months of hosting. That should be enough time to get a new site going.”- from Project Jump Start ’09

And that’s not all; she also ponied up with some bonuses;

In addition, I’m going to throw in a free copy of my ebook, In Your Pajamas, as well as a free copy of my online press kit template package (to be used only by you, and not to be shared, please). That’s an added value of $80 ($5 for the ebook and $75 for the template)

Project Jump Start 09

As a fellow that’s been busting his nut for nearly 20 years as a small businessman and a guy that works mostly with small business, this really struck a chord with me. It can be really tough out there and every little bit helps.


Let’s get on board!!

But can more be done? You’re damn right there can be. To that I am going to match Donna’s $25/month and throw in a few bonuses too such as;

1Copy of the SEO Handbook and my new eBook, the Link Builders Edition (due out next week).
5 Hours of SEO consulting from Reliable SEO
6 Months of free hosting
1 Free logo designs (from Verve Developments)

Add that all up and it’s a value of more than $600 – Can You Dig It!!! (Warriors style)


My Challenge to the rest of you

Yup, you guessed it, I am after your hard earned dollars, time or anything else you feel you can sweeten the pot with. Many of us are blessed in this business and a $25 donation each month is more than doable. As a lead up to this post I talked to a few of my friends and so far have 2 more on board;

Latest benefactors for the program;

Jeff Quipp – traveling SEO guru from Search Engine People
Samir Balwani – Social media magician (the Great Balwani) from Left the Box
Brian Chappell - Social media consultant and FireHorse Trail Allumni
Eric Lander - Search marketer and social addict - His post on Jump Start


Will YOU take up the challenge and help out? We’re up to $150 for each new web entrepreneur plus bonuses. If you’re interested in joining us or want more information, please contact me or track down Donna (Twitter) and we can talk more.

I shall update this post with new members (ooo linkees for all) and I encourage you to please blog about this so that we may really do something special here…

Thanks for yer time… and Happy Trails to you in ‘09


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