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Please welcome our new SEO overlord

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 10 April 2008 08:48

Jason Gambert to police the SEO industry single-handed.

Oh my fine peeps… we’ve heard from the dude that wants to trademark the term ‘SEO’ – have a read; Dear SEO Community. -- (more on the situation at SEOmoz)

So let me get this straight… this friggen’ genius wants to trademark ‘SEO’ so he can force people to operate as he sees fit? And he has decided that ‘SEOmo, WebPro News, Search Engine Watch'  should set guidelines? Or else what? He will tell them that they can’t use the term SEO?

Listen, it is great that he is so seemingly concerned for our industry that he wants to be our over-lord – but this all smacks of some serious bullshit. Who the hell is this turkey anyways? Anyone happen to know? I want less reputable providers out of the community and I have no problem talking about standards… but to have this guy TELLING me who can use it and when we should create standards is simply a pile of steaming bull droppings… bite me ol chap! Does this guy work for Google or what…?

So what say you my peeps? Do you welcome our new overlord?


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