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New Site Alert: Search SEO Pros

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 27 October 2008 13:07

A vertical search engine for the SEO industry

Not nearly as exciting as the IM Broadcast announcement is the fact I WASN’T at the conference and had some time to kill on the weekend. Idle hands and cabin fever left me wanting for something to amuse myself. To that end I looked at the variety of Google Custom Search Engines that I’d been mucking with of late and thought, ‘what about a SEO vertical search?

Over the next ½ dozen hours engines were born and a framework created into a nifty little research toy for all you search geeks on a quest for knowledge - Search SEO Pros

the SEO Search Engine

4 Search engines in 1

The basic concept is that there are four separate search engines for searching a variety of sources including;

  1. Search top SEO writers
  2. Search the Search Engine blogs
  3. Search for SEO Video
  4. Digging deeper – with new voices

Beyond that there are some refinement modifiers to help dig into some of the best search engine optimization information, data and video there is out there. The more you play with it the more it gives back. There are even resources for advanced search operators for the real miners among us.

I had created them back some 8 months ago and have been using them for researching a wide variety of topics in the search optimization industry. the SEO Search EnginesBecause they can be so handy – why not bundle them up and share it with the rest of m’peeps?

So, do me a favour and go check out; the SEO Search Engine

And be sure to tell your friends if you found it helpful…



0 # Steven Bradley 2008-10-28 12:07
Just playing with the SEO Search engine, but so far it looks good. It'll be much quicker to find things within the subset of SEO sites.

Have you considered one of those add to Firefox search things? I find any search engine I can add directly to FF gets used a lot more.
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0 # andymurd 2008-10-30 14:49
Steven, you should be able to add the search engine to Firefox now. Check out the blog post at
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0 # David Temple 2008-10-31 03:36
That's a nice vertical search engine. I wonder how I could get David Temple, SEM Scholar or even sem training to pull up my blog? How does one optimize for such a nice vertical search engine? I certainly don't expect you to reveal your super string theory algorithm with all its tachyons and sparticles. Just wondering since Google seems to find me relevant for those terms.
Oh by the way, did I tell you how much I love your blog?
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0 # seo optimizer 2008-11-10 22:57
It's the power of four in one, truly Fantastic! Should this be implemented in the near future and become the current trend, it could make our work easier.
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