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New SEO Dojo Sponsors!

Written by David Harry   
Thursday, 18 March 2010 14:05

Hey gang…. I wanted to highlight here in the main blog some developments in the Dojo of late. You see for those that make a 6-12 month commitment we have a wide variety of Sponsor Bonuses from folks like WordStream, Raven SEO Tools, SEM Rush and others (details here). And now, we have even MORE great sponsors coming on board to make the offering well over $1000 in savings!

Here’s our new sponsors;

Majestic SEO Tools – if you haven’t heard of these guys, then it is entirely likely you’re living under a rock. Majestic is THE top link analysis tool out there using a proprietary database.

Link Assistant – are the guys behind the Power Suite of SEO tools and were recommended more than a few times in our boards as one of the best tools out there for managing SEO programs. We simple HAD TO have these guys.

INBOX International – are a great bunch of web design and development guys I’ve known for a few years that have one helluva CMS. And one thing I can guarantee is that it’s a kick ass app from an SEO perspective. How could it not be hanging around a bunch of search geeks like us?

You can learn more about the offers they've given Dojo members on the Sponsors page

A good time to get in!

You might want to get in on the Dojo premium membership plans ASAP as we’re currently considering raising the prices some because of the massive savings we’re now offering. So, if you’ve been considering signing up and haven’t, this is your chance to access the bonuses at the current price point.

I’d like to formally say THANKS to the new sponsors for believing in the future of the Dojo and getting on board. Sign up now!


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