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My fall schedule

Written by David Harry   
Monday, 15 September 2008 08:57

Who cares if you don't care... someone might...

Well, it has been a few months since I stepped back from the abyss that is the social side of my SEO passion. An enjoyable break that spilled over onto the blog in the form of more casual posting, it must be a summer thing (as I took a few months off last year as well). I totally advise it for everyone from time to time… recharging the batteries is good for ya!

And you wouldn’t believe the traffic we had for that – Oh no you didn’t – video last week….lol… wonder what all those kids looking for the video and lyrics thought of the rest of the site? Must've had a few peeps confused...

Anyway, after giving some thought to what’s next – a heads up is in order… not sure why.. just friggen felt like putting it out there…. Here's what I wil be up to...



The Trail – I shall start writing about some more informational/educational stuff again – and maybe the odd controversy.

SEO Blog (on Site Reference) – shall me musing more of the basics, nuts and bolts as well as resources over the next while… have a few posts ready to roll

Collective Thoughts – definitely have a few social media posts in me… more here soon!

Guest Posting – I owe the fair lady Donna a post… hope to keep pumping out others for folks that have been supportive over the last while.

SEO Handbook (Link Builders Edition) – also we will have the latest addition to my SEO Handbook, this time for the link builders. I have been hard at work on this and hope to publish it in the coming weeks



Ultimately, I am search geek and spreading the word is what I enjoy the most. As such, for the moment, I am going to continue to bookmark and chat about it whenever possible….

Sphinn – yup, still a hot topic. It was wonderful to hear from the many Sphinners and even a few mods after my melt-down. It was nice to know that some peeps cared. Now, watching the threads over there, it still seems to be a tad whacky... but dats how we roll anyway. I promised a few folks that I would give ‘er another go, so we shall see…

Plurk – they not only brought my ‘Private Plurks’ back, but also added a feature for ‘Plurks Resonded To’ which is VERY cool and thread segmentation is better than ever – kudos peeps… They almost lost me there. Look for discussions in the SEO PlurkShops -

Twitter – with the new Plurk features… she may be in jeopardy of me cheating on her again ;0)

FriendFeed / Social Median – not really sure if I am keeping both of these… might do a head-to-head review to see which works best for tracking things…At this point I enjoy the news posting at SM better.

Forums (social networking 1.0) – this is how I have been feeding my addiction for talking shop over the last few months and will still be hanging out at;

Small Business Forums (new one from my buddy Steve)
Site Reference (where I also blog)
SEO Forums (old faithful full of great pros)


….and there we have it…. The Gypsy’s fall schedule; stay tuned for all the fun and excitement ;0)


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