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Mad Hat and the Gypsy

Written by David Harry   
Friday, 02 February 2007 23:33

Ok, so it’s Friday.. and no, I ain’t been smoking anything (it’s much to early, oui mon ami?) – but I was wandering along the trail and ran into the Mad Hatter .. or at least his Hat.. Which was none to pleased either by the looks of him.

hatter.jpgI managed to find the Hat’s owner Aaron and all is well… tho I think the Hat is still on a tear. Over the next little while Aaron and I plan on amusing ourselves (and hopefully others) as plans are already in motion – tho I dare not say anything…

Be sure to drop by The Mad Hat if yer looking to supplement your SEO Blog reading.. ( and most humble respec' out to MH for given a brutha some Luv)

more to come….


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